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13th of October 2009, Celebration of democracy?

I do not believe that after 20 years from Ceausescu’s death, now, in 2009 there is still need for equilibrium in Romanian society.
Today, Tuesday, 13th October, 2009, all the voices said that it is an historic day, a victory of democracy in Romania: a government was dismissed based on a democratic impeachment raised by the Romanian Parliament.
Those are maybe right, but just look back to see what is behind the curtains.
First of all let me briefly present the facts. The dismissed government was formed in December 2008, after Parliamentary Election, two parties had almost the same number of places: PSD and PDL, and each of them would like to be considered the winners. At that moment, these parties decided to go ahead in order to form a government based on a coalition, today we may called it “the monstrous coalition”. PSD and PDL have the same father, ex president Ion Iliescu, because 20 years ago the two parties were in fact one party, called FSN, a political organization formed on the bases of the Communist Party.
From 2008 December until two weeks ago, starting the coalition, the members of the government (PSD + PDL) worked hard and assumed the governmental responsibility for new important legislations: Civil and Penal Codes, unified salary legislation for the all the civil servants, education legislation. Because we are in a middle of a crisis, the government succeeded and obtained financial support from IMF and EU after two month of hard negotiations in spring 2009.
The wired part was that from time to time some voices from the government brought to the public opinion strange statements, such as: “In 2009, in Romania during the Presidential Election we will have frauds” – stated of the Minister of Interior Affaires, Mr. Dan Nica. In fact, the Minister of Interior Affaires is in charge with protecting the democracy during the election process. The Prime Minister, Mr. Emil Boc, a leader and the president of political party PDL, could not pass this last statement and dismissed the Minister.
This was the start for PSD Gun.
First, PSD refused to replace Mr. Nica with another person from PSD. Taking in consideration the position of PSD, the Prime Minister nominated as interim another minister, from the existing government, to replace the dismissed minister.
Secondly, PSD retracted all his members from the government. The Prime Minister, Mr. Boc Emil, president of PDL, remained only with ministers from in his party. Therefore, during the last two weeks, the Romanian Government remained only with 11 persons, all members of PDL, managing 22 ministries.
Thirdly, PSD organized a well manipulated campaign, supported by PNL and UDMR, and suspended the President from the Chamber of Deputies, member of PDL, Ms. Roberta Anastase, until 10th November 2009. Until now PDL did not nominate another person to replace the suspended President.
Fourthly, the Vice President of Chamber of Deputies, Bogdan Olteanu, member of the PNL, received an unbeatable proposal to become member of the Administration Council at National Bank of Romania and supported by PSD and UDMR he was elected. Therefore, he had to resign from his position held in Chamber of Deputies.
Fifthly, Adrian Nastase, ex- Prime Minister involved in corruptions allegations, actually Vice President of Chamber of Deputies, member of PSD is the only person entitled to lead now the debates in Chamber.
Just look behind and see the results:
– There is no Government with power that means that for the next 45 days there will be no 2010 budget, no new legislation approved/passed as it was agreed with IMF and EU;

– There is only one voice that leads the Parliament and the Parliament is weak , that means:

o the Chamber of Deputies and The Senate are conducted by persons that are coming from the same party PSD


o during the last two sessions the Parliament, the legislative power, did not bring any new initiatives/ legislation in order to reduce the costs of crisis for the population or businesses;

– The crisis is going deeper and deeper: the number of unemployment is raising, the contraction of the economy has two digits, the industrial activities are reduced by 10-15% YoY bases, the consumer consumption is declining.

– And there are suspicions that the Parliament will suspend the current President of Romania, Mr. Basescu Traian, former member of PDL. He is also engaged in a campaign for a new election supported by PDL.

Today, as to have a complete image, there was an interested signal coming from the stock exchange: after the announcement that the government was dismissed the stocks closed on growth.
Is today a celebration of democracy or is a state punch similar with one from Russia that had heroes Gorbaciov and Boris Elten in the earliest 90th?
Is Romania a free market economy or there is a controlled economy by “strong corrupted business groups”, as I would like to avoid to call them PIOVRA/Mafia?
Please feel free to comment on. Tuesday, October 13, 2009


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