Posted by: mbconsulting | October 18, 2009

Alert – Mr Johannes Klaus Independent?

Alert – Johannes Klaus- independent person?

After 13th of October, when the Boc government was knocked down, in a short period of time, PSD, PNL, UDMR and the minorities group formed a large majority and had proposed for PM an independent person: Johannes Klaus, the actual Mayor from Hermanstad – Sibiu city.

According with Romanian Constitution, the Romanian President is entitled to nominate the PM, and Mr. Basescu used his constitutional right to propose Mr. Lucian Croitoru, a former member of National Romanian Bank. The president, in this way, refused two proposals: one submitted by PDL and the other one delivered by the large informal majority from Parliament. The Presidential announcement produced a large echo in international press and also in our mass-media.

PSD, PNL and UDMR – the large majority – were surprised by this move and rejected, from the start, any discussion with Mr. Croitoru regarding a new cabinet, its structure, its members, and the governmental program. Now, they accept official meetings, but they do not want to be engaged in discussions.

In order to re – confirm the position of the large majority for Mr. Johannes Klaus, the Hermanstad – Sibiu Mayor was asked to meet in Bucharest, at 18:30 , on 18th of October. Mr. Johannes arrived in Bucharest at the board of a private airplane.

Who disposed the private airplane for Mr. Johannes? Is this a clever act coming from an independent person? No answers, yet.

Before entering at the meeting, the Mayor of Hermanstad- Sibiu was asked if using Johannes image as potential PM will bring benefits to Crin Antonescu in his way to Presidential election . The Mayor said that he proud if this is happened. But when the reporter asked again if this result may affect the image/results of other candidates for the Presidential election, he avoid a straight respond.

Is Johannes supporting Mr. Crin Antonescu (PNL) and consist an obstacle for Mr. Geoana (PSD)to be elected President? I may give the answers now, but let the time to work for me.

Funny, at this re- confirmation meeting, there were mainly persons from PSD: Mr. Geaona, the president from PSD, Mr. Nica, dismissed Minister of Interior Affairs in Boc cabinet, Mr. Dragnea, former Minister of Interior Affairs , Mr. Nastase – ex-PM, and, the last one but the least, Mr. Hrebenciuc, the shadow organizer in PSD. From the other parties participated only a PNL representative, the representative of the minorities group. UDMR confirmed that is not interested to participate.

Today re-confirmation assembly is seems to be more a secret meeting with persons from PSD , that more or less interacted with Ministry of Interior Affairs.

Will this meeting change the attitude of independent Johaness? No answer yet. Keep in touch.

Again, there are raised allegations by PSD about frauds in Presidential elections. The actual Minister of Interior Affairs asked supervision by international committees in order to demonstrate that is still a democratic process in Romania.

Keep in touch and let you know the last news about 2009 Romanian Presidential Elections.


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