Posted by: mbconsulting | November 8, 2009

ALERT – Democracy, November 2009, Romania

ALERT – Democracy, November 2009, Romania

The group of Minorities – Thank you!

The group of minorities from Romanian Parliament, others than Hungarians represented in Romania by UDMR, put in action a wise lesson for all of us: how to behave in difficult situation.

Let me explain: when the President started the consultations with political parties and this group in order to propose the Prime Minister, they first agreed to indicate and to support Johannes Klaus – President of the German Minorities. This proposal was coming from a large majority from the Romanian Parliament. There were different reactions, mainly coming from the President underling that the independent Klaus is not so independent and therefore the President nominated another independent Mr. Croitoriu, an international expert in finance.

During the next round of consultation with the President, after the rejection of Croitoru’s government, the only group/party that presented two proposals was the Group of Minorities:

1. Mr. Johannes Klaus, standing again for him in order to demonstrate the coherence and the respect for this person; 2. Mr. Radu Vaimar – the President of the Jewishes in Romanian Parliament and the dean of age in Parliament. The group of minorities took into consideration the need to propose a person that is doctor in economy and may quickly rule and guide Romania during this severe crisis and more than this, is the eldest person from the Parliament and because of the dignity of this position may bring a rapid general consensus between different political parties and groups.

I found these proposals the most rational proposals coming from Parliament because

1. give alternatives in case that the President of Romania still rejects Mr. Johannnes Klaus;

2. represent a deep understanding and concern for the profile of the key person that will rule Romania during the end of this year and at least the next year;

3. underline the need for consensus in a Parliament that is sometimes chaotic and does not have a stable and transparent majority.

I think this is the way to a real democracy: to speak with partners in real dialogues, to present alternatives, to argue based on facts and objective criteria, to find win-win solution in difficult positions. And all of these were done by the group of minorities. Bravo!

There is still a concern: is there any economic and social program for recovery from this crisis elaborated/ supported by the minorities groups? If you do not have, just start to build it because you never know when it will be useful.

Friday, 6th November, 2009, Last minute:

The President chooses another way: Valentin Negoita – Vice-President of PDL, mayor in 3rd District Bucharest

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