Posted by: mbconsulting | November 8, 2009

IMF – From Romania Thank you!

IMF Thanks for Your Work!

After the Romanian Parliament “canceled” Boc’s government, it was obviously that Romania is in a deep political crisis, and passing a severe economic crisis. The funds that were expected from IMF, EU and World Bank were in danger to be delayed and Romania may lose its credibility.

IMF team, understanding the risks, and based on high level support for Romania, arrived in Bucharest and started negotiations with the current government, with all political forces and trade unions. It was an effort extended for 10 working days. This is why I would like to thank You!
Of course, that the IMF team did this work hoping to achieve results. But…

First disappoint came from the political forces. In spite of reasonable proposal for Prime Minister, Mr. Lucian Croitoriu, economist and international expert in rapid interventions in states affected by economic crisis, with 4 years experience under IMF and specialized, in spite of well designed and coherent economic plans for recovering the Romanian economy, the majority of the Parliament formed by PSD, UDMR and PNL refused them.

There were terrible statements addressed to potential government: “You, members of the potential cabinet what are you looking here in Romanian Parliament?” –said Mr. Crin Antonescu – President PNL, “Shame, Shame, Shame!” (I do not know why????) – addressed Mr. Mircea Geaona – President PSD. There was no dignity, no respect for the persons that took the responsibility to deal with severe economic and social problems in a period when there is a global crisis. The political majority used force to humiliate and to verbally abuse a potential government and ignored the proposed plan. There were personal attacks only to demolish the persons. Too few comments addressed to the economic program. I had the impression that I am under war, in Afghanistan and have a Taliban Parliament. I am not sure if I will be ever able to forget the unbelievable situations created in the Romanian Parliament.

Second disappoint came from the Romanian President. In spite of looking for a quick and rapid solution to send the 2010 Budget to Parliament, a normal demand in a normal economy, but also a request from the IMF agreement, Mr. Basescu took a contradictory attitude: saying that the Presidency is looking for a solution but, in fact, there was no commitment for doing this. This attitude was revealed during the consultations for a new cabinet with PDL, on 5th of November,2009.

Third disappoint came from the Trade Unions that would like to start strikes because they are not pleased with the new policy for salaries in the public sector in spite of their long meetings with representatives of the governmemt.

In conclusion, because in Romania there are three political forces that share almost equal the political arena we had a fragile Government, a chaotic Parliament dominated by personal interests – see all the speeches from Parliament when Croitoru cabinet was under discussions – and a President under election.
But… we had a good relation with IMF and the team tried to support us during these terrible 10 working days. I am not sure that we really understood this opportunity …

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