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Dear Mr. Antonescu, I decided not to vote you!

Dear Mr. Antonescu,

I decided not to vote you!

I looked closely during this presidential election campaign and now, even if there are two more days, I considered that almost all was said and there is no more to be added. More than this, now, I decided to whom I will vote. Because I declare myself to be a rational person there are some arguments pro and against the potential President Mr. Antonescu.

First, let me present my pro arguments for Mr. Antonescu – The President of Romania:

1. working – experience for about 20 years in Romanian Parliament or Romanian Government and these elements strongly are supposing him for the highest position in Romania, the President of Romania;

2. he stood for his opinions based on arguments. He democratically presented his personal point of view in his political party, the National Liberal Party, and rejected to simply accept the general rules ;

3. he is a young and charming person, with sense of humor, that may represent Romania in international debates;

4. he gently passed a personal drama and demonstrated capability to go ahead– applauses for him;

5. recently he came with an idea for a potential prime- minister that coagulated a majority in the Parliament and would save Romania from a political crisis.

You may say that all these elements are more than enough to recommend Mr. Antonescu as a strong potential President of Romania.

But, these are some issues that made me to stay back and reconsider my vote for somebody else. Here are my arguments against voting Mr. Antonescu:

1. there are no concrete results linked with his name during his Parliamentary career. I would like to simply mention a few persons that came up with results in a Parliamentary activity during 4 or 8 years long, such as:

a. Mona Musca – dedicated her Parliamentary activity in promoting and signing a law for protection the persons against violence;

b. Varujan Pambuccian – promoted special legislation in order to encourage the development of ITC in Romania;

 c. Catalin Predoiu – promoted new juridical codes in less than 1 year.

This argument cancelled pro-argument no.1.

2. Mr. Antonescu is unable to express in English language and therefore what will happened in international meetings or during private rendezvous when he would have to speak in an foreign language, other than French??? English language, even here in Europe, is the most used language in diplomacy and in international business environment. Why he did not learn 5 min. per each day – from 1990 until 2009, in order to basically speak English language???

Romania needs international support for development and therefore, the elected President MUST be able to lobby for my country. I do not accept any apologies from any candidate that during his/her political career he/she did not pay attention to an important element for a career in diplomacy. Do not accept!!!

In fact, this language inability, to express in a large recognized foreign language, cancelled all the possibilities to express charming informal opinions at international level.

Therefore, pro arguments no.2 and 3 are cancelled.

3. Mr. Antonescu is a name that came under the pressure of his political party to lose forever its identity in political arena in Romania and the party decided in his favor. Good chance for Mr. Antonescu.

But behind him stood an important business person, Mr. Patriciu, with close links with PSD. One of my friend said that is OK, to have somebody behind you, but I simply refuse to accept this because:

a. The elected President must have the complicate capability to act independent. If there is a person behind him, I do not consider him to be fully independent. The elected President must act and think quickly with his own brain and therefore he must demonstrate before his election that is able to understand the political games and pay them in the benefit of Romania.

b. The elected President must bring our country more closely to democracy, European Union, other important political factors and protect against the strong external threats – see nest point. With support of Mr. Patriciu and smooth deviation to a coalition with PSD – that recently demonstrated that is still going to Russia – I do not consider that Mr. Antonescu is fairly representing me. Between 2006 and 2008 I could see how a PNL government with fully support of PSD leads the country and I do not want to go again to that wonderful, quiet but not efficient government. Therefore, this argument cancelled pro-argument no.5.

4. The last contra-argument is the one that determined me to fully reject the dream candidate Mr. Antonescu. It is related with a serious external threats. Mr. Antonescu is the person that opened Pandora box regarding Mr. Geoana’s visit to Moscow- Russia. From a long time ago, he or/and his staff from political party knew about this and did not act until now. Why??? Is political game so important for Mr. Antonescu and his party???

The security and foreign policies are not attributes that could not be ignored and played when you considered it is the right time. You must quickly act and reject any deviation from the normal procedures.

The actual President also knew about this visit, and acted in a discrete manner: Mr. Geoana was not anymore the second person in the security commission in Romania. Well done, Mr. President Basescu!

An important foreign power tried to use the second important person from Romania to act for it and this is not acceptable. Much more, to know about it and not to act against it is not acceptable, for any reason. Therefore, in spite of Mr. Antonescu’s capability to link internal political forces there is no capability to fully understand and act quickly in the benefit of the security and Romania’s interests.

In conclusion, dear Mr. Antonescu I respect your work done, but I am still looking for a better president. Wish you good luck and hope that the best President will be elected by the electors in Romania.


  1. Hallo!
    I read carefully the article and, even if I must admit I am a Crin Antonescu potential voter, I have no high hopes about him or his team. That is because after 20 years of democracy or what it was, every rational person must be a little cautious about politicians. So the main reason for my potential vote is only to deny a new mandate for persidency for Traian Basescu or the challenger Mircea Geoana. So my choice is again a negative vote for the actual president and also for o potential new PSD president than a big hope for a better president.

    • Thank you for your comments. There are aspects that I do not agree with you.
      During the last 20 years, I simply consider that Romania tried to build a democratic state. If there are not significant results, please do not blame only the politicians.

      I also consider that going to VOTE MUST BE FOR somebody and NOT AGAINST somebody. If here I did some comments regarding why I should not vote a candidate is because I wanted to share my thoughts in an open space and let everybody to comment on it.

      Yes, tomorrow, 22nd of November, 2009, I will vote with YES for a person. Even if that person is not perfect- from my point of view- and there are areas that may be improved, as we all have them, I will assume my decission and my vote and I will comment with you later.

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