Posted by: mbconsulting | November 18, 2009

Mr. President Basescu – Please, let 2010 Budget to go to Parliament!



Dear Mr. President Basescu,


During your mandate  a lot of work was done and people would clearly understand and support you as was done when you were suspended. I would kindly ask you not enter into the play organized by “moguli” and other forces and simply act as a normal President, that seems to act normal, not in an  election campaign.

Please, Mr. Basescu promotes the legislation in order to pass the budget to Parliament. Let it go! Show us that you are not afraid, that let Boc government to present their work performed in difficult situations, and come up with the same determination as you done during the last monitoring visit from IMF.  

The 2010 budget is extremely important and nobody may play political games with Romania economy. There is such a deep crisis that  affect a large number of persons, part of them really understand your effort for restructuring Romania. These persons expect from you fair and ethic behavior in difficult situations such like this.  

Romanian citizens fully understand your position, respect you, but also would like to see things rolling on: 2010 budget  and  the law for fiscal responsibility passed to Parliament.

Show that you care about us, normal Romanian citizens, and during difficult period of time you support us as we will support you!

Thank you for you time Mr. President!

A Romanian Citizen

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