Posted by: mbconsulting | November 20, 2009

ALERT – Has Romania principle governing conduct ?

Alert – Has Romania principle governing conduct ?

I am really affected because there are some recent and not so recent events that are putting under question the good governing conduct in Romania.

Please read them:

–          About seven months ago, Mr. Geoana – the President of Senate, the second important person in Romania, and also the President of PSD Party, went to Moscow, Russia, in a visit that it was called “semi-official”. He had meetings with persons close related to PM, Mr. Putin, and with other relevant personalities from the Russian Parliament. At that time, Mr. Geoana did not inform the President regarding his visit and its scope. Later, the President declared that he knew about this event from other sources.

This event was revealed by Mr. Crin Antonescu –the President of PNL during his election campaign. Even now the goals of this trip are not enough explained – at least from the point of view of the public. There are no clues why Mr. Geoana went to Russia.

–          Less than 2 months, Mr. Vanghelie, the Mayor of the fifth district from Bucharest, publically recognized that he knew some information from secret documents. He seems to have open access to secret documents from the Ministry of Interior Affairs, just because the former Minister of Interior Affairs, Mr. Nica – his friend – was his colleague in the PSD Party. Two weeks ago the actual Minister of Interior Affairs started an internal enquiry to assess the situation.

–          One week ago secret documents were published on internet and soon these were recognized by the Romanian Secret Service Chief. There is an investigation about it.

–          Five days ago, a strange book, written in USA, was presented in Romania. The book is signed by a former prosecutor and used protected events and data. There are two investigations started.

–          Yesterday, Mr. Hrebenciuc, the Vice- President of PSD, with no attribution  inside the Romanian Television (TVR)  – a public institution –urged Mr. Sassu – the TVR Director– to make changes in the public debate of the first five placed candidates in the presidential election. And Mr. Sassu did it. He changed because Mr. Hrebenciuc asked him, without any consultation with the campaign staff of Mr. Oprescu, Mr. Antonescu and Mr. Basescu.

In fact Mr. Hrebenciuc imposed to Mr. Sassu his willingness and suddenly  the debate was not any more organized for the first five potential candidates, but also included other two candidates: Mr. Becali and Mr. Cornel Vadim Tudor. Later, the last two political persons recognized that they are closed friends with Mr. Hrebenciuc, in spite of the fact that they belong to different parties.

I was assuming that today, the Parliament, that is ruling TVR,  will ask the TVR Director, Mr. Sassu about this incident. The Parliament did not comment anything today.  There is a deep silent, only the mass-media is commenting on it.

Let me know what you think about them. Thank you for your comments.

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