Posted by: mbconsulting | November 22, 2009

ALERT – The Romanians assumed their support for restructuring

The Romanians assumed their support for restructuring the Romanian state

Today, it is the first time in the modern history of Romania, when the Romanian citizens responsable assumed the cost for restructuring the state in order to go for a better and wealthier state. I affirm this because the Romanians participated more than 50% to the referendum organised by the actual President and vote more than 70% for reducing the member of the Parliament from 471 to less than 300.

I am proud that I belong to this country and I hope to be able to support all the costs for a better life in a democrat state in Romania.

Thank you Romanian citizens.


  1. Hallo!
    The reality of these times, our country reality, so as I see right now is overwhelming… It looks like we are in other times, maybe middle age, in front of a big danger, maybe the otomans or the tatars are ready for an invasion, the country is emasculate by economic disaster… and the 3 biggest noblemen of the country *the moguls Patriciu, Vantu, Voiculescu conspire against the king/ruler/vojvod Basescu. And the whole country support the king who loves his people, in his struggle with the villain moguls… We see that eveywhere… and of course the kings idolaters exalt his strength, goodness, wisdom, people affection … we love this king… our savior… Me… I just hope the overthrow of this great king is near… and he left us… still waiting his departure -go Basescu, go!

  2. Hello!


    Thanks for your comments.

    Yes, in referendum, the people voted, more or less, in an emotional way, but we can’t ignore their votes.

    My opinion is that there is a real need to restructure the government, the parliament, the national agencies and other public institutions and aliened them to the current needs.

    The Romanian state structure is too large to be supported by Romanian people. Do you agree with this issue? I would appreciate your straight answer.

    I would like to underline that I looking ahead and not behind.

  3. I suggest to watch on youtube:

    “What will be world without Romania!”

    Wish all the best,

  4. I am often looking for recent informations in the net about this matter. Thanks!

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