Posted by: mbconsulting | November 22, 2009

ALERT – What will PNL do in the next future?

What will do PNL in the next future?

After the first round in the 2009 Presidential Champaign, the preliminary results demonstrated that Basescu and Geoana are close, and a little bit behind them is Crin Antonescu.

There are difficult times in Romania. The 2010 Romanian budget is not voted, there are not enough financial resources produced by Romanian economy in order to sustain the governmental system, the private companies are still affected by the economic crisis, the last government was dismissed by PSD in order to gain more votes under this election, the financial support from IMF, World Bank and EU was postponed until a new government will be approved by Parliament. I think that all of these are enough.

Under these circumstances, there is an urgent need to form a new Romanian government. I hope that PNL and PDL, with the group of the minorities, other than UDMR, will join in order to form a new government and a solid coalition in the current Parliament. I am afraid that PNL will not join to this idea, because the members of PNL’s party are too proud. Terrible afraid.

If these will happen – PNL will reject the coalition with PDL – the people will vote in the second round for Mr. Basescu. End of the game and end of PNL. Is PNL aware about it? Does PNL have other alternatives? The time will guide us.

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