Posted by: mbconsulting | November 25, 2009

The Illogical PNL – TO BE or NOT TO BE!

The Illogical PNL

The unbelievable was done: in the second round for the Presidential Election, PNL, a party usually placed on the center part in the Romanian politics, chose to support a communist called Mr. Mircea Geoana.

Who is Mr. Geoana? Before attending PSD Party, Mr. Geoana was an independent, active PR Director in the Ministry of External Affairs, after, for more than 4 years a well known, appreciated and hard worker Romanian Ambassador in U.S.A.. Coming back to Romania, after he was fully integrated in PSD Party, Mr. Geoana changed his behavior. In April 2009- as the second person in Romanian state President of Senate – he went to Moscow without informing the President. There are unclear the issues discussed there. He lost his diplomatic behavior, his talent as speaker: HE WAS READING from papers HIS SPEACH on 22th of November, 2009. For a very well trained speaker, a diplomat, this is strange, maybe he is ill…It is like there is another Geoana – is Mr. Geoana the communist.

Now back to PNL. So, after a good result in the first round in the Presidential Election that placed Mr. Antonescu, the President of PNL, on the third place with 20% from the voter, the party decided to support Mr. Geoana – the communist. This choice is against the doctrine, against the normal behavior against the party’s members.

I would like to address a question to famous fighters against communist, members of PNL:
Will you, Mr. Constantinescu, vote for Mr. Geoana?
(Mr. Emil Constantinescu -ex President, the first non communist president,
elected in 1996, that tried to restructure Romania)
Will you, Ms. Zoe Petre, vote for Mr.Geoana?
Will you, Mr. Mircea Diaconu, vote for Mr.Geoana?
Will you, Mr. Ion Caramitru, vote for Mr.Geoana?

I assume that their answers will be NO…

What will happen with the rest of members/supporters of PNL placed in a difficult dilemma: To vote or NOT to vote with the communist Geoana?

Under these circumstances, after this decision: will PNL die or survive ?

To be or not to be, this is dilemma!

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