Posted by: mbconsulting | November 27, 2009

Final Cut – Remembering Sir Corneliu Coposu

In these days I am remembering about Sir Corneliu Copusu. For me he was an example for faith, dignity and respect. He spent part of this life in prison, he lost his wife, but he never lost his faith.

After 1990,  he worked hard to rebuild a democratic and christian party, refused any collaboration with communists, refused a place in Parliament because wanted to form a strong party, selected, recruited and prepared new Romanians leaders (Mr. Constantinescu – proposed and elected as President of Romania, Mr. Ciorbea – former President of union later Prime – Minister). 

I still have in mind how he rejected in 1990 any cooperation with Iliescu regime and later, after 4 years, prepared a coalition and won in 1996 Parliament and Presidential Elections.Unfortunetely he died in 1995 but his  work is still celebrated,at least by me.

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