Posted by: mbconsulting | November 29, 2009

Message addressed to Mr. Tariceanu

Recently, Mr. Tariceanu made some comments on Basasecu’s Incident with a child.

There are assumptions that Basescu was violent and hit a boy during his 2004 Presidential Campaign. Of course, in a rational world there are questions that will immediately raise

1.Why you mention only NOW this incident, after 5 years, in fact in another Presidential Campaign when your party is placed against Basescu?

2.Why did you not take action at that point? 

For rational persons of course the answers are easy to be given.

But there are many voters that do not have time to spend with rational analyses. But more than this it is important for everybody to clarify all the aspects related with that old incident.

Being an active person, I write a message on Mr. Tariceanu’s Blog and I am waiting for his reply.

Here is my comment to his article:

“Buna Ziua, Domnule Tariceanu,

Desi nu ati vazut scena, puteti afirma ca acel copil AR FI FOST LOVIT. Asa va exprimati Dvs. Interesant ca desi tot dumneavoastra afirmati ca nu stiti in ce fel si cat de brutal a fost lovit acel copil. Cred ca daca doreati sa lamuriti acest incident il clarificati de mult.

Aveti dubiile Dvs. dar lansati o intreaga tema de discutii.
Nu ati facut nici o incercare de a clarifica incidentul, si  70% din articol este destinat acestui incident.Mai mult, afirmati ca va intereseaza alte subiecte.

Constat ca blogul Dvs. a fost intens mediatizat, dar practic nimeni nu a indraznit sa va comenteze sa sa  va ridice obiectiuni. Eu o fac acum.

Intrebarea 1: Ce a facut copilul inainte de incidentul cu Basescu? Va rog sa explicati, pentru ca cel putin ati fi putut auzi cele declarate de pusti daca acesta a folosit micrfonul.

Intrebarea 2: L-ati mai vazut pe Basescu si in alte imprejurari procedand astfel? Ati fost alaturi de Basescu in toata campania din 2004 si va stiu cuvantarile de atunci si este normal sa stiti daca au mai fost SI ALTE MANIFESTARI SIMILARE.

Intrebarea 3: Care au fost persoanele din microbuz care au discutat incidentul? Numiti clar cel putin doua persoanele care au participat la acele discutii.

Intrebarea 4: Daca stiati ca a fost violent cu acel copil de ce atunci cand ati cerut suspendarea din functie nu i-ati adus si acuza legata de violenta pe care o manifesta?

Va multumesc pentru raspunsurile Dvs. pe care le astept cu nerabdare.

O zi senina va doresc.”

Hope to receive his answer. I will let you know.

Meanwle still waiting for your comments.


  1. Good point! Excellent questions, also interested in Tariceanu reaction to this! Still waiting for an answer?

    • Dear Andrei,

      I did not receive any answer, but I had the impression that something is going to be changed in PNL. As Romanian citizen I would also like to receive a detailed explanation, now, after the election, without any election passion, about this incident from Mr. Basescu.

      The right to have a correct information is a normal right in a democratic state and I assume that will come a time when this will happen. Hope soon!

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