Posted by: mbconsulting | November 30, 2009

Mr. Geoana and PSD are without Bullets

Strange BannerPSD and Mr. Geoana without bullets!

During this weekend, in fact, in the night between Sunday and Saturday, a new strange banner appeared near by my home. The new banner seemed to belong to Mr. Geoana or PSD, but there are presented people from PDL.

Saturday, I was walking to grocery, saw the banner, confused, but did not stop. I looked from another angle and I understood.

Mr. Geoana and PSD would like to punish:

1. Mr. Basescu in a Romanian way “Arde-l si nu-l vota” 

2. PD-L because they are presented a few persons that belong or have business connections with PD-L.

I just kept wondering if using the photos of two public persons (one is the current President of Romania, Mr. Basescu, the other is the Minister of the Economy, Mr. Videanu) without their approval is a smart decision. I do not think so and maybe the justice will have a word in this action.

More than this, the banner is a poor campaign material  because:

a. it is confusing for the common citizens – not easy to understand if it is promoting PD-L or no;

b. it is not giving ANY directions regarding the political platform or offers that is coming from the candidate Mr. Geoana.

c. it is only saying DO NOT VOTE Mr. Basescu, but it is no directing to Mr. Geoana.

So, in conclusion, maybe PSD and Mr. Geoana lost their nerves and they are using the last munitions: the bullets from the opposition. From my point of view, it is stupidity and lack of inspiration, but maybe I am wrong.

See and comment the next movements.


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    • Thank you for your comments.

      I agree with you it is lack of inspiration, but there are also large quantities of hate and stupidity. I never imagined that a campaign may be transformed in a rally of hate between groups of people. Finally, it is lack of education and tolerances.

      Also, it is lack of responsibility because, if I am a public person I would not aloud to use my imagine in “dirty approaches”, such as Casuneanu, etc. Maybe I am too strict and not enough prepared for politics…

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