Posted by: mbconsulting | December 1, 2009

Happy Aniversary? 2009, 1st of December, PSD is in Timisoara

Oh, there are so many things that are going in a wrong direction, unbelievable:

1.  PSD is celebrating the Romanian National Day, the First of December, in Timisoara.

The party chooses this location because here was started the Romanian Revolution against the Communism in 1989. The current Romanian Socialist Party -PSD-would like to celebrate in fact the restauration of the communism in Timisoara. It’s a joke or it’s a play written by Ionesco – the master of absurd theatre?

2. There is not yet a full lustration process. 

In spite of the fact that in March 1990 the citizens from Timisoara were mentioning in The Proclamation from Timisoara the eradication of the communism, under the famous point 8. PSD did nothing to resolve Timişoara’s claims.

3. What may say the citizens from this city about this celebration? Part of them maybe lost their friends or members of their family and still do not know  WHO ARE THE RESPONSABLEs  for crimes during 16-18 December 1989?

One year ago, I traveled with a lady that lost her husband in the incidents from Timisoara. She was very upset because even now she did not know the true. She urged me to do something to help her, to find what was happened there. There is no greater pain than the one provoked by the impossibility to cure the human sufferings. And that lady was in a deep suffering and I could not help her. PSD maybe know who are the criminals, but did not reveal the true or did not intend to support the justice in their trials.

4. Two weeks ago, PNL,  the Liberal Party,  was against PSD and proclaimed the need to choose between PNL and PSD. Let me introduce to you a small paragraph written on Taiceanu’s blog regarding Right vs. Left :

“Românii vor avea de făcut, în următoarele săptămâni, o alegere fundamentală pentru viitorul României.

Este alegerea care va stabili viitorul României pentru următoarea generaţie.

 Românii trebuie să aleagă între STÂNGA şi DREAPTA. Între PSD şi PNL.

Nu există cale de mijloc. Fie România merge înainte cu un program de dreapta, care asigură creştere economică. Fie România mizează pe un program de stânga, care va slăbi economia şi ne va reîntoarce în trecut.”

Now PSD and PNL are shaking their hands and shoulder by shoulder are going to Timisoara to celebrate the Romanian National Day. Believe or not believe, they will be together, in Timisoara, on the 1st of December, 2009.

I refuse to be there and to know more…

I would like to imagine that Timisoara will be an empty space, with no habitants, and only the members of the two parties will quietly celebrate.

Wish them Happy Anniversary!



    Basescu, un fost activist al PCR, adica un comunist notoriu,
    fost securist (ca toti capitanii de nava erau cu functii mari in Securitate),
    care a furat flota Romaniei si care a iesit cu basma curata ca si-a distrus
    dosarul de la arhivele securitatii.
    Deci Basescu e comunistul, iar Geoana e doar un fost ambasador al Romaniei in SUA.
    PD-ul e un partid pornit din FSN de catre Petre Roman, pe care Basescu l-a dat jos,
    a furat sefia PD-ului si desi era de stanga
    , intr-o noapte s-a transformat in partid
    de dreapta.
    Basescu imi aminteste de Stalin care spunea “Jos Mogulii” – “Mogulii sunt dusmanii poporului” !
    Pai sa ma scuze, dar numai comunistii au asemenea lozinci.
    Cand erau minerii in piata Universitatii, Basescu era in FSN, secretar la ministerul transporturilor.
    Geoana a intrat in politica in anul 2000.
    Rusine celor care se lasa prostiti sa voteze un tiran dictator ca Basescu !!!

    Post Scriptum: Domnule Robert avand in vedere ca Dvs. ati strigat in acest comentariu, cred ca si Dvs. sunteti comunist. Cu greu am dat drumul la comentariul Dvs.Va asigur ca este prima si ultima oara cand se intampla acest lucru. Craciun Fericit!

    • Dear Robert,

      Thank you for your comments. Please write them in English, because I want to be sure that you fully understand the article, and come back.
      All the best.

    • Dear Robert,

      On this blog you WILL NEVER SEE logo like SOMEBODY UP/DOWN!
      This blog is a quite place where political issues are discused.Period.

      Basescu and also Geaona were not active members of PCR. Basescu and Geoana were employees and worked in different structures.

      Mr. Iliescu was, indeed, an “activist” because he was more or less making his incomes based on PCR activity.

      I know the moment when PD changed his leader. Basescu did not take the control from Mr. Petre Roman without te approval of Party. There are persons that may tll you the same story and please go and ask them. Basescu supported Mr. Roman as much as he could before and after that period.

      As Mr. Iliescu is not any more the President of PSD, as Mr. Roman is not anymore President of PD.
      Petre Roman decided to leave the party, but nobody rejected him as a member of the party.

      Regarding the way the people decide to vote I do not want to comment. Everybody decide for him/herself to whom to vote.
      As you may notice there is a poll that is opened and you may vote for Geaona or Basescu, or for noboby. As you wish and there is no pressure on you.

      WE are not anymore in communism to say: VOTE Iliescu or VOTE PSD.

      It is free country ( I would like to say a democratic one) and this freedom is coming from 1989 Timisoara, from the citizens of that city. Romanians still have to respect them until we all know WHO SHOOT and KILLED PEOPLE in Timsoara. Maybe you know already, but I don’t.

      There is a need for dignity for these persons that lost their friends or members of their family in December 1989 and still do not know who and why decided that.
      I would like you to remeber to be aware about this issue next time when you spoke about Timisoara and communism.

      Wish you all the best Robert and still wait for your comments, please in English. Thanks.

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