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Romania, Good Morning! It’s December 7 2009

Romania, Good Morning!

IT’S December 7, 2009

Yesterday, Mr. Basescu, but also Mr. Geoana, the other candidate, publically announced that they won the Presidential Election.

Right now we have one country and two elected Presidents???

The exit polls declared Mr. Geoana the winner, with one exception.

Anyhow, the preliminary result indicates differences: between 110,000 and 30,000 voters, that means between 1 % and 0.3 %. These preliminary results are without diasporas that usually was  favorable  to Mr. Basescu.

The voters are still sleeping and there are hopes that today, in the evening, or tomorrow, the official results will be announced. Thank you God!

Under current circumstances, I will add only three comments:

  • PNL lost its identity in political environment, PNL is transformed in an attachment to PSD and there is not anymore a separation among them, in spite of their attempts to keep their distinct interests.

This is a major change: PNL is more or less included in PSD. This approach is according with PNL’s behavior from 2006-2007 until 2008, when they made a “covered” strange cooperation, one party in government, the other in opposition. From October 2009 they decided to have a transparent political pact against PDL and Mr. Basescu.

One political speaker suggested that was better for PSD+PNL to promote, together, only one candidate for Presidential Election: Mr. Johannes Klaus. Both parties rejected this opinion based on their arrogances, In the first round, there was a competition one against the other, each party was trying to obtain as much as much as they could from their electors. Finally, the image of PNL and Mr. Antonescu are compromised, maybe forever.

  • The distribution of the voters in the Romanian political spectrum is changed. In December 2009, the Romanians voters seem to re-oriented their political options comparing with December 2008.

 I may say that if tomorrow will be new elections for Romanian Parliament, PSD+PNL could not collect more than 47% from the voters, about 47% would go to PDL and the rest would remain to UDMR.

  • I assume that there were some potential electors ignored by Mr. Basescu:  the Hungarians from Covasna, Harghita or even Satu-Mare.

 Mr. Basescu was always well treated in these regions, could try to mobilize them because he was opened in discussions:  he supported the involvement of  Hungarians in government, but always rejected their demands for autonomy in Romania. These positions were fully understood by the majority of Hungarians, and they finally accepted that their life in Romania could be better than in Hungary. Therefore, I assume that was a potential not enough exploited by Mr. Basescu.

Mr. Geoana would not have any success in these areas because his party refused to collaborate with UDMR, the party that represent Hungarians in Parliament and government.

I am closing my eyes and preparing go to sleep with the hope that some of my dreams will come true SOON!

What I would WANT TO GET early  in the morning?  

First of all, I would like a sunny day and then, a new strong reformed Romania   with:

–          a new coalition in a Parliament re-elected in advance,  that would better represent the interests of Romanians after the 6th of December, 2009;

–          reduced number of sites in Romanian Parliament;

–          less bureaucracy and less employees in state structures;

–          better Justice in the favor of citizens.


Good Morning ROMANIA!

It’s   a new day, it’s December 7,2009.


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  2. At this late hour we know the new elected president -Mr. Traian Basescu. In those circumstances the new coalition PSD + PNL + UDMR + other minorities should let PDL and the new-old President to give us a new government, to let them pass the Parlament confirmation and start the work. Alone! Let them show us what they can… let them get us out from the crisis… the people want them and support them, so… I guess this move will be right and justified!
    But alone, without fugitives from PNL and PSD… with their own specialists, to make their own policies… to prove what they can. But, I guess this is a non-political thinking, the politicians don’t see things like that, so…

  3. Dear Mr. Andrei,

    Thanks for your comments.

    But, your comments somehow show your need “to punish and hate”, it is my impression, because you said something like “let PDL and the new-old President start working alone!”

    THE CHOICEs ARE NOT DECIDED by you or me. You may suggest something, with a moderate tone, but do not put your anger and hate HERE.

    The result of election is very, very close as I already mentioned in the article. Both Geoana and Basescu won, but only Basescu will be the new President, as the voters decided.

    Mr. Johannes mentioned that based on the results he is not any more interested in the proposal of the former coalition to be nominated as Prime – Minister. This will let an open door for discusions inter parties, for a new coalition, and between President and parties.

    There are multiple choices to form a new government:

    1. one already mentioned by you – PDL will work alone – this party may do this because PDL is stronger than was before this election.

    Anyhow for a certain period of time, PDL already did this and it was not easy at all, but did it. It will only continue what it was already done. No problem, from my perspective.

    2. another way is to cooperate with other parties, if they would like to accept this. On my opinion, this is the best, especially for small groups like minorities, UDMR and, why not, PNL (PNL’s election score is near by UDMR’s election score).

    3. organise new election for Parliament according with new political options expressed by citizens. This is not recommended. but may be used in extreme situations.

    EACH PARTY will decide if it is in its interest to collaborate for a NEW GOVERNMENT in difficult moments – crisis – or not.

    But believe me the CITIZENS will react IF THE GOVERNMENT WILL BE AGAIN BLOCKED, and this will lead to a deeper crisis.

    PSD and sometimes also PNL were the parties that
    1. blocked the reforms – see how the Boc government was dismissed-,
    2. supported trade unions in their unrealistic demands for higher salaries – see the strike from Underground – Nov.2009 – ,
    3. blocked the reforming of justice – see how Monica Macovei was forced to leave the government in 2007.

    In conclusion, dear Mr.Andrei, THEY will GET what THEY WANT!

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