Posted by: mbconsulting | May 6, 2010

Is Romanian Government UNABLE to…?

Now, the Romanian Government has a problem: is not anymore capable to give answers to IMF’s questions.

At the last monitoring visit IMF representatives raised a signal: “Romania can’t afford to buy a Mercedes, Romania may buy only a Dacia car.” – said Jeffrey Franks in during the press conference held at the end of the last monitoring visit. The Romanian mass-media took this phase and transformed it in a magic headline. I also appreciated this phase because demonstrates a clear understanding of the Romanian realities, but, from my personal point of view, was more than this.

This reply coming from one of the top representatives of IMF was a signal, a criticism and also a diplomatic recommendation. I believe that the last monitoring visit IMF representatives saw something, as the experts usually clearly understand that the devil is in details, that Romanian Government did not demonstrate a real determination in cutting costs.

I strongly believe that Romanian Government lead by Mr. Boc was not really willing, was not prepared, was not responsible fighting to reduce the costs. Let me explain what were the two things that shocked me:

1. at the last monitoring visit of IMF, the Romanian Government received the experts in a complete refurnished room: new round table, new chairs, a.s.o. (I am categorized by my friends with an acute sense of observation, and I think that they are right…)

The images coming from the refurnished meeting room were shocking me, I believe that I was not alone that I noticed the new furniture, but I believe that also for the IMF staff used to discuss with the member of the Romanian government in a decent room, with, more or less, old furniture was a surprise.

Why shocked me? Because you can’t claim to reduce the costs and in the next day you spent money with non-necessary items, like new furniture.It is lack of respect for the citizens to whom you said that Romanian government was prepared to cut the budget costs.

Here is a contra-example saw on internet:
The meeting held by President Obama with senators with subject health care reform. The total persons invited to attend that meeting were about 20, in the meeting room there were simple and old chairs, maybe 100 years old (my grandmother had similar chairs). The discussion was very professional: the senators pointed their views, the President came with explanations and details. It was an important issue in President Obama’s agenda. President Obama cancelled a trip in China in order to promote health reform in USA and now USA has a health reform, after many years of hope and expectation.This is how a goal may be responsibly achieved.

2. the story is going on: in March, the Romanian government decided to organised its regular week governmental meeting in the field, outside Bucharest, at IASI. (Iasi is the capital of county Iasi, placed in NE of Romania, around 400 km fair away from Bucharest, the capital of Romania.)

The Romanian government spent money with the trip, spent time on trip, and gain something? NO. I considered that idea the most stupid one I ever saw, coming in the most impropriety time and way.

I also consider that Mr. Boc is fully responsible for this decision and if I had the power I would put the Romanian PM to pay from his pocket the money spent with that governmental meeting held in Iasi. This is ministerial responsibility claimed, but not enforced until now. Am I too hard with PM, Mr. Boc?

In conclusion, just presenting these two issues I would like to underline that Romanian Government lead by Mr. Boc was not mental prepared to reduce the costs from the budget.

Therefore that is no chance to achieve the goals agreed with IMF under the Memorandum of Understanding, taking similar actions with the ones presented before and thinking that Romanians are smart and IMF could not see and understand the real picture of ROMANIA.

There is a need for changing in better that I hope is coming…What you think about it?

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