Posted by: mbconsulting | May 6, 2010

Why IMF is not in full understanding ROMANIA?

IMF is working with figures, facts, concrete agreed actions, memorandum of understandings established with governments.

Romania is a land of dreams and hopes, but with little connections with reality.

In spite of the fact that Romania is geographically placed in Europe, is member of EU and NATO, Romania is far away to be a real European market, a real market economy.

Romania has to face the true with courage: its market is lead by politicians,  and it is depending and is been attached to public money.

Mugur Isarescu is telling us for a too long period of time that Romanian economy is not restructured, but the problem is far more deeper, from my point of view.

Romania has a bloody market lead by politicians that may be called PSD, PNL, PDL or UDMR.

The mind of the citizens, in majority, is still working like in communism era. Therefore there is a mistake that Mr. Basescu won the presidential election, and this mistake was produced by electors from diapora.

The people that are working and living in Romania have the same mind and vote in similar way as in communism era.

Let me explain with more words.Are you coming from leading parties (PSD, PNL, PDL or UDMR, irrespective of each) ? Then you may have a business and:

– may have big contracts with public institutions, if you know to pay for this…,

– may ignore the laws and do what you want, and you know… you must manifest your “happiness” that you receive this “support”…,

– have problems in justice? there are notorious persons that may help you to sort your problem as you like…

All these three simple rules are well known in Romania, by citizens, politicians and even by multinational companies in Romania, so please check this reality.

This is the what IMF is still not able to understand: Romania is not a market economy, predictable and a reliable partner.

I am writing to you, assuming that you are living in a market economy, and please give me answers to the following questions:

  • How is possible?  in the day your government is dismissed, with no possibility to form a new government because in less than one month the presidential campaign would start, the Romanian Stock Exchange was increasing its activity? This was happened on October 13th, 2009. The cost of not having a stable government during the last three months in 2009  was estimated by economists at about 3,4% GDP. These are figures and results established at the end of 2009.
  • How is possible to cancel the legislation as being anti-constitutional for the National Agency of Integrity (ANI), institution established three years ago, as an agency specialized in the fight anti-corruption? Why Romania did not have now a legislation modified as Supreme Court requested? Currently ANI is a place where public persons may only deposit their wealth’s statement. No more actions against anti-corruption. What a happiness for all the public persons, because they will check between them, without the control of mass-media or citizens!!!  There are not yet estimated the results of  lack of anti-corruption law. But European Union proposed to use OLAF in order to support the fight against corruption in Romania.
  • How is possible to see that private economy is reducing the number of jobs with more than 20% and YOU DO NOT WANT to REDUCE the jobs of public servants? Even now, when is too late, almost middle of the year, PSD, PNL, PDL and UDMR are not fully prepared to reduce the number of the employees in the public sectors? Even now, when IMF is present in Romania under its current monitoring visit the results after the first trimester in 2010, the need to cut the costs with personnel is still under the question. I did not see a clear statement made by PSD, PNL, PDL or UDMR in order to support the reduction the cost with employees from public sector.

They are presenting different versions and explanations, but none of them is  reasonable. Why do I need so many people when the activity in economy is  reducing with more than 25%??? There are fewer and fewer fees collected by the  state, less activities and we still need the same workers in public sectors???

  • Why there are no actions to stimulate the economy? From whom intends the  state to collect the fees and taxes???  From insolvable persons and bankrupted companies??? The state is recommended to paid the private companies involved in public contracts  and to act to reduce its debts. More the state must start public or public-private investments.Otherwise there  is no future for Romania!

Keep waiting for your urgent reply and thank you!

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