Posted by: mbconsulting | May 11, 2010

Debate – Voting System and Electoral Reform

A few years ago, in Romania, there were debates about the electoral reform and voting system. Finally, Romanians decided in the favor of uninominal system. After its implementation there are voices that would like to adjust it, but it is not yet decided how.

Almost in the same period, I attended an interested course organised by an Italian University and one of the speakers presented the electoral reform that was under debates in Italy.I do not know if the reform is finalized in Italy. Do you know?

Even if the UK election are closed, there are still questions regarding different versions for the voting system, such as:

• First-past-the-post
• Single transferable vote
• Alternative vote
• Alternative vote plus
• Simple proportional representation

Please read more here.

You may concluded that nothing is new, and the history is rolling and rolling again, in different places, and sometimes in different periods of time.

Why voting system is such a big issue? Because people are thinking about democracy, about the best way to elect the persons to represent the interests of citizens, and also a decision system that would support the leaders in their efforts to lead the country.

And in the end I would like to present the opinion expressed by Secretary of State Ms. Hillary Clinton during her first visit to European Parliament, on 5 March, 2010.

‘Well, we only have two parties! I never understood multiparty systems,’ confesses Clinton.

‘I never understood multiparty systems’
‘It is already too complicated with two! (laughs). The thing is that if democracies don’t deliver for people, there will be frustration. We have to review our decision-making which is too complex. We have been trying to create a true medical service in my country for a hundred years.’

I am interested to share with you more about the voting systems and the electoral reforms in different countries and regions. What are your opinions about voting systems?

Have a nice and democratic evening in your family,

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