Posted by: mbconsulting | May 12, 2010

Opinion – Mr. Boc – Are you OK?

After the last monitoring visit of IFM that were a lot of criticism regarding performances of PM – Mr. Boc.

I am coming now with arguments in his favor:

1. Mr. Boc did not have any previous experience in governmental activities. He was not prepared for this. So do not criticized him too much.This is a problem in Romania, in general speaking, to have people prepared to lead at the highest level.(see how weak are Geoana/ Ponta or Tariceanu/ Antonescu just to compare him with similar politicians).

Maybe Mr. Boc imagined that PM is like to be a teacher in a University, or like a lawmaker in Parliament. OK, these assumptions are wrong.

PM is one of the most difficult job in Romania, even if not the most difficult one.

PM is under the pressure of work, under the lights of mass-media, from morning until night and indeed is a tired job,nothing related with a teacher.

PM is not a lawmaker is much more an implementer, must be a pragmatic person, an unrested monitoring individual, always prepared to adapt to new situations.

2. Mr. Boc faced a difficult situation in Romania, and I do not expect that are many persons able to perform well under similar circumstances. So again, do not blame too much Mr. Boc.

3. Mr. Boc is not an economist, therefore the complexity of the economic situation is overwhelming him and the tasks are fare more above his head (by the way, he is not too tall, he is rather small).

The agreement with IMF requested from the beginning an expert, and here was the place for Mr. Croitoru as PM or for another person with a similar professional career. If during the last winter, at the beginning, somebody laugh about inability of Mr. Croitoriu to speech in front of camera, now he is remembered as the person that drafted 2010 budget in less than 10 days.It was a performance. Not so many people in Romania…

4. The crisis imposed hard decisions and Mr. Boc seems not to be prepare for them. He is thinking more with his soul that with his mind. Please, make a switch Mr. Boc and you will see that you will feel more comfortable. I think that this last point destroyed the PM’s self-confidence.I am sure that he will pass on.

I honestly think that nobody was prepared for such difficult times, but we have no other way and therefore we must go on and take this responsibility and carry on.

At the end of my writing I would like to mention that each person is passing right now through difficult moments, but fighting makes us stronger and more powerful. The good things always prevail over the bad ones, even it takes a little bit longer to be demonstrated.

My message is an appeal to responsibility and understanding, just for the sake of peace: When a man is down, please, stop to hit him again.


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