Posted by: mbconsulting | May 12, 2010

Smolensk Plane Crash – One Month After

It passed more than one month from the tragedy from Smolensk where the former Polish President Mr. Kaczynski, his wife and other important Polish officials died in their way to Katyn celebration 70 years. The memories as still fresh.

Right now the following facts are clearly determined:
– in the plane were 96 persons, and on board were recorded 101. There were alleged that one person did not go on board and was under investigation. All these rumors were turn down.
– all the airplane equipment were working.
– the captain was well speaking Russian language. There were people, especially Russians, underlining the scenario that the communication between the control tower and captain was bad, the captain could not fully understand and therefore could not follow the instructions.
– the last Smolensk weather forecast was not received by the captain. He seemed not to receive the last update weather information and investigators mentioned that only the previous forecast weather was on board.
– all the black boxes were collected and were/are under decryption.

Still there are uncertainties about:
– the Smolensk airport landing system. There are alleged that the lights were not operational and other said that the airport was not properly lighted/equipped.
– the hour when the plane crash. The plane crash was announced at 10.57 AM- Moscow. The black boxes stopped working at 10.42-10.45.
– the causes of the crash. There is a speculation: a fight simulation of the plane that crashed where is presented an explosion on air, before the landing.

Waiting for the results of the Polish investigation commission.

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