Posted by: mbconsulting | May 17, 2010

Be Proud as Romanian?

Yes, I am proud to be Romanian, because, from time to time, there are persons or events that reminds me that is an honor to be Romanian and all these makes me to feel special. One of such event that produced a big impression on me was the ceremony for awarding the Nobel Prize, in December, 2009.

Recently, I saw again, on internet, the ceremony. One of the persons that received this famous distinction was Herta Muller, a native German, born in Romania, and for a certain period of time (until 1988) she lived in Timisoara. The pressure done by security forces to persons, ethnic other than Romanian, a usual fact during the Ceausescu period in Romania, accelerated the wish of Herta Muller to escape from Romania and from 1988 the novelist was established in Germany, the country which also proposed her for the prize.

Herta Muller was awarded with Nobel Prize for literature, and here the jury was impressed by the poetry coming of her writings even if these are essays, stories or novels. The spectators presented at the official ceremony were impressed by the personality of the writer and as you may see here (from minute 45 until 55). Maybe before this event now many people were familiar with Herta Muller’s writings or even heart about her, as a writer, but the personality and the performed worked made curious and many of them looked in their brochures for more details. Herta Muller is now famous because of her capacity to present the drama of oppressed persons.

But is much more than this, a short Romanian musical piece was interpreted live by a local orchestra and again I could see people fascinated and touched by it. So, even if there are good thinks, like music, or not so good, like the stories presented or illustrated by Herta Muller’s life, all are considered fascinated by the foreigners and they seems to be eager to know more about Romania.

Therefore, with all I have, good and not so good, I am proud to be Romanian.
What about you?



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