Posted by: mbconsulting | May 18, 2010

Economic and Social Council – A comedy or a drama?

Yesterday, Monday, May 17, 2010, Romanian Economic and Social Council (ESC) scheduled the meeting for discussing the addendum of memorandum proposed to IMF by Romanian government. The 45 members of ECS, from which:
– 15 persons nominated by the trade unions – representative at the national level,
– 15 persons nominated by Romanian government
– 15 persons designated by representatives associations of employers
could not agreed upon a final resolution, after three hours.

A resolution from ESC means the after discussion its members agreed upon approval or rejection, based on some motivations.

Nothing like this was happened except that there was lot of noise, official depositions on TV, and nothing clear. In spite of its role, a part of ESC, the trade unions, proposed to draft a new document and the new one to be rediscussed in ESC and then to be resent to IMF for approval. Taking into consideration the disagreement a new face to face discussion is required, but even the next meeting was not clear established. Part of them said that will be a new round of discussion next Wednesday, other said next Monday. Confusion, confusion, confusion…

It is such a confusion, because this is not the role of ESC to propose new documents, its role is to give approval/rejection upon proposed documents. To be clear:IMF invited the trade unions at discussion and,at that time, they did not proposed better solutions.What would you believe about it? That trade union are directing a play…

I would like to underline that IMF sent two days ago a clear signal that wants to see the proposed implementations, and do not expect any delay for the actions agreed. More than this, the Romanian government is more and more under the pressure as the addition memorandum must be pass through Parliament. Drama, drama, drama…

Anyhow the government is prepared to take the full governmental responsibility for the proposed act, that means that may take the further steps in spite of the position of ESC – as an advisory body – or of Parliament – where the government hopes to be supported by a majority.

This meeting was initial postponed because the trade union advocated the lack of financial data. In fact, the government demonstrated that the requested data were submitted but were not opened and read…Comedy, comedy, comedy…

The Economic and Social Council (ESC) from Romania is an advisory institution for the policies proposed by government when new legislations/conventions/ agreements are launched. The main role of ESC is to block and to limit the excess of power of government with other legislation national or international at which Romania agreed.

The structure of ESC is called a trilateral organisation, represented by one representing the government (execution power), another one represented by trade unions – (employees), and the last one represented by association of employers.

In European Union there are similar institutions, with similar roles with Romanian ESC.

With a half-face smiling and a half-face sad,

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