Posted by: mbconsulting | May 18, 2010

Letter to My Friend – The Romanian Pensioner

Dear Mr. Escu,

I read the letter that was posted on internet. I would like to say that I agree: your pension is not a social assistance and you really worked hard during your life, sometimes in weekends, and sometimes you worked without a break during a week in communism era.

I understand that you are upset, if this will help you to pass over your problem, but there are some possible explanations, from my personal point of view.

1. What was happened?
You have invested your money once, and until most recently, you had no other alternative but to choose the state. Now, as then, the state hasn’t the best makers, poorly managed all amounts contributed by people like you, and now only has the money for 85% of the amount you received last month. The problem, and believe me, is that in the nearest future, if not something is quickly decide, you may have no money. You are not alone in this state, many pensioners are with you in this world.

I’ll tell you about one which is coming from Scotland, and he was left without a pension after a lifetime in which he contributed to private pension fund managed by a bank that failed.

This show us how fragile we are, irrespectively we are on this world.

2 What you may do?
Sincerely, because you can not much control over the state, on the contrary, he has control over you. So try to keep your temper, do not get mad, ask for support from your family and/or friends, you still care for your health, as you can, and decide realistically what you can do. It’s hard to write and why I do not.

3. What can you hope?
As soon as a result of measures taken by politicians, your pension will increase by 15% because there will be a surplus in the pension fund. That’s why I want health and understanding that you can grab on and be well when this will happen.

However, will these words help you? I do not know.

Sometimes the truth is hurting, but I prefer to let you know a reality rather than to encourage you to dream an utopia. I respect and appreciate you therefore this is why I wrote this letter.

All the best and good health,


P.S. Mr. Escu is a common name because we have a lot of persons called: popescu, ionescu, vasilescu, and others escu.

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