Posted by: mbconsulting | May 18, 2010

Update: Economic and Social Council – A Comedy or A Drama?

Update to this post.

At the last meeting of Economic and Social Council (ECS)  were presented 44 persons representing government ( 15), employers (15) and trade union (14).

The meeting held yesterday by ECS concluded:

  1. The addendum to memorandum of understanding between Romania and IMF was approved by the members of government, rejected by trade union and the representatives of employers were abstain from voting. So, the memorandum of understanding during the first round of voting record different opinions as: trade union rejected it, the employers’ representatives abstained, the representatives of government approved it.
  2. On the second round of voting, the representatives of employers proposed that the government to prepare specific measures in order to prevent the cut of the pensions from the retirees with incomes less than 1,000 RON ( aprox. 250 euro), to limit in time the cut of pension with 15%, and also to mentioned this limit in the addendum. Another proposal coming from employers address to government was related to the need of restructuring the state enterprises in order to reduce their expenditure and therefore new economies may be gained by national budget.  Also, was requested that the government must prepare a new letter to IMF with identified amendments and this to be discussed during a new meeting. The above mentioned proposals submitted by employers were  rejected by representatives of the trade union.
  3. A new meeting was scheduled for the next Monday, May 24 2010.

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