Posted by: mbconsulting | May 18, 2010

Viktor Orban: “Igen, Tudjek” – Hungarian version for “Yes, we can”

Hungary, a country that is near by Romania, twice smaller than Romania, is making concrete steps in reform. After the last election, Hungary had a new government and Mr. Viktor Orban was appointed as the Prime-Minister. He quickly started a state reform in order to recover from crisis and to stop the spreading of the public money.

Romania may consider  Hungary a success case study , in comparation with the Romanian version that was only claimed last year during presidential campaign as theme:” restructuring the state”.

In the same time, I would like to consider Mr. Viktor Orban as the person that  in Hungarian reshaped/ reformulated the logo of Mr. Obama: “Yes, we can!”

Without too much noise, in Hungary the state reform

A. was performed:

  • the number of the ministers were reduced from 14 to 8 – first performance;

B. is announced to be successfully continued during the next month:

  • the Parliament will decrease the number of electors from 386 to 211, from which of 13 places are allocated for minorities, 90 places elected under nominal vote under the first round of election,  78, elected based on national lists under the second round, and the rest, 30 places allocated after the process of redistribution.
  • minimal conditions for participants at the election are the followings:
  1. for independents: minimum 750 recommendations;
  2. for national lists: represented at minim 23 circumscriptions from a total number of 90 circumscriptions;
  3. for parties: electoral threshold minimum 5%

C. is under preparation

  • reform in the local administration: it is assumed that public money were spent without too many reasons, in far too many offices for mayors and their staff. Therefore, a sever reduction is announced and it will affect the current  administration units counted at 3,000  for 10,000,000 habitants.

I would also to add an Romanian example of how the state reform maybe performed and to exclaim in Romanian: “DA, putem!”


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