Posted by: mbconsulting | May 19, 2010

Opinion – Flash: Elena Basescu

I saw this evening the intervention of Elena Basescu in the European Parliament in which she explained the measures taken by Romania in order to reduce the impact of crisis on the deficit budget.

I also welcome her points regarding the public acquisitions.

Elena Basescu’s speech was excellent and expressed in a perfect English.She improved her presence that means that all the comments were taken in consideration and were transformed in a way that contributed to her developed herself.


  1. elena basescu – a brainless inflatable doll that is unable to express herself clearly in her native language not to mention foreign languages

    And you the one who made this post are most probably working for her.

    Where is self respect? Think about , you sold your integrity for a couple of thousands and now you are making posts that look to come from a person with the intelligence coefficient way under the common sense limit

  2. And P.S: In the EU whores work in brothels. In Romania whores are offered
    Ministries in the government for sexual services performed to Basescu.
    Whores from Romania have massively infested Romanian politics at all
    levels: presidency of the Parliament, Ministries, EU political bodies.

  3. Dear Lucian,

    Thanks for your comments. I am not working for Elena Basescu and I have also noticed that before she had some difficulties in expressing in Romanian.

    But after seeing her last speech she was remarkable and I was positively surprised. As I mentioned, it is my opinion, and you may have another one. This is life.

    I worked for ministers and I had also been to Bruxelles with any problems and therefore I would like to go again. Maybe you have a misunderstanding and/or a misrepresentation, for which I express me deeply regrets.

    Have a nice evening,

  4. i see.
    First of all this practice of rating your own comments is very similar to the practices of the PDL party

    Secondly , who is Lucian ? if you made a search trying to find me , it is pointless to say ( but i am still gonna say it) your results are far away from the truth ( just like the results of the elections , both for euro parliament and for he presidency in romania) …

    And last , how funny is that the uncle of Elena Basescu has a firm called MbConsulting, just like your username?…

    • Thanks again for your comments.
      Have nice weekend Valentin.

      PS I may be who you want to be, if this is bringing satisfaction to you.

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