Posted by: mbconsulting | May 20, 2010

Celebration! – Democracy after 20 years in Romania

Today is a celebration for Romania. On the 20th May 1990 there were held the first democratic elections, for the first time in Romania, after more than 50 years.

At that time, FSN, as was defined, a coalition of democratic forces that took the power after Ceausescu’s death, was transformed in political party, in spite of the fact that many persons suggested that is an unfair advantage comparing with the other traditional parties: PNT-CD lead by Cornel Coposu, and PNL lead by Campeanu.

The proposals for first Romanian President election under the new democracy were: Ion Iliescu, a former communist, finally he was elected, Ion Ratiu, member of the old conservative party National Christian – Democrat, that for many years lived in UK, London, and Campeanu, the President of National Liberal Party, that lived for a while in Paris, France.

As the recent history reveals the winner was Ion Iliescu with a large number of votes.

The funny story is that today a newspaper organised a poll: if there will be again Presidential election with the same persons as that were in 1990, what would you choose? The majority, more than 70% selected Mr. Ratiu.

You may say that Romanians are learning from their history, but look at the last elections where Basescu, as representative of right wing coalition or party, won, with a small limit in front of Nastase or Geoana, members of PSD, where now Mr. Iliescu is the Honorable President.

The history is going and going again and nobody to be blamed for this: it is only our fault if things are going in a wrong direction. This is another story that is related with democracy: we are responsible for our choices in front of the history and of our children.


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