Posted by: mbconsulting | May 20, 2010

Mr. Boc decided!

The addendum of memorandum of understanding between Romania and IMF will be approved next Wednesday, in a governmental meeting.

Meanwhile the objections and comments on it will be discussed with the members of governmental coalition, with the trade unions, perhaps still waiting for decision coming from Economic and Social Council. The next step will be in Romanian Parliament where Boc’s cabinet will assume the responsibility for the act.

UDMR, a member of coalition, asked not to reduce the pensions that are lower than 1,000 RON (cca.250 euro).

Trade unions supplementary demanded for:
– reducing the governmental expenditures with travel, administration and material ones;
– modifying the law regarding public acquisitions;
– restructuring two state companies;
– approving the legislation regarding private-public partnership as was proposed by Economic and Social Council;
– issuing new legislation against tax evasions.

It is possible that the measures assumed by Romanian government will not be implemented until 1st of June, 2010, as it was agreed with IMF.

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