Posted by: mbconsulting | May 20, 2010

Mr. Patriciu’s opinions regarding IMF

Last evening, Mr.Dinu Patriciu had an intervention on Realitatea TV, on a prime-time.

He said that the agreement with IMF is not helping Romania, and, instead, its stamp on our country is producing damages because Romania is putted in a difficult position on international financial market as a result of agreement signed with IMF.

From my opinion, Mr. Patriciu is wrong and this may be easily demonstrated by the way Romania collect money from internal and international financial market for covering its deficit during October- December 2009, when the tranches agreed with IMF were postponed but still enforced the memorandum of understanding.

Mr. Patriciu also initiated a personal attack on Jeffrey Franks, because could not find an explanation why a graduated of Harvard and Princeton Universities, like Mr. Jeffrey Franks would work for IMF. Again, Mr. Patriciu has a wrong image about the role and importance of IMF on the world and particular in relation with Romania.

There are some possible explanation for the personal attack to IMF representative: at the last press-conference the representative of IMF mentioned the deficit that are increased during 2006-2008 and in the same time the number of public employees that was increased with more than 250,000 persons. Perhaps, all these elements hurt somehow the businessman, but all these issues are coming from figures.

In a few words, again Mr. Patriciu disappointed me and acted without thinking too much about the consequences.

Romania is a democratic country and therefore everybody may speak, but this must be done with responsibility. We all assumed to be responsible persons, because otherwise our place is not in public space.

Thanks for reading this post and wish you a nice evening,

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