Posted by: mbconsulting | May 20, 2010

Romania – Consistency

Consistency in Romania is an issue that buzzers me for a while.

A few months ago, in December 2009 I was speaking with a collaborator regarding the need for a public servants. He said that the increased number of the state employees is not fair, there are to many and he was waiting for rapid actions in order to reduce the exceeded numbers of public servants.

After a while, we met again and I mentioned that the number of employees was announced to be reduced and all these reductions are coming from the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Transport. At that moment, there were no more comments coming from my collaborator, in fact there was a deep silent. I passes the subject and continued to talk about something else.

Recently, we had a new conversation regarding the state employees, and he started to say:”poor people, you know they will face with unemployment, it will be a massive reduction on salary, with 25%, or even worst, they will lose their jobs…” Now, I was the person that kept silent and looked again to see if I was speaking with the same person. Yes, it was the same person, but not the same opinion. It was not for the first time when his opinion was chanced with 180, after a short period of time.

I learnt something from my life and much more from my business: consistency is the key of success. Therefore collect the information, analyse them, think about and decide regarding the possible solutions and then ACT.

Consistency does not mean that you keep your ideas for ever, but it is good for a certain period of time to maintain your line. Keeping for a certain period of time the same attitude as your clients, your employees, your collaborators, your friends may understand your aspirations, visions and maybe will follow you. If you chance your directions too often, then you only induce instability and unclarity. Going here and there and coming back is a waste of time, no results, chaos, uncertitude, a.s.o.

If you are not consistent you will lose your credibility and therefore nobody will count on you. What you really want, tell me please!

Your sincerely,

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