Posted by: mbconsulting | May 22, 2010

2010 Cannes Festival – Ceausescu was there!

I saw an article written by Vasile Damian, RFI, that may be considered an invitation to a new and an unusual movie: about a dictator and his career, it is about Nicolae Ceausescu.

At 2010 Cannes Movie Festival, “Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu“, a movie directed by Andrei Ujica was presented. The below article taken from RFI briefly presented the movie and also the intentions of its director.

About ‘Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu‘ by Andrei Ujica, a documentary shown at Cannes but outside competition, Le Figaro says that is “not a simple documentary movie but a movie that lasts three hours and is based only on official archives of the former regime. It’s a perspective coming from a witness that is distant, cold, about the former leader” writes French publication.Just looking at the deliver a raw copy, a kind of story without words, without commenting, benchmarks and data does not help us to discern the mystery surrounding this character, a member of party who became president of Romania “concludes Le Figaro.

In an interview with RFI Romania, Andrei Ujica said that “dictators are not some monsters coming from the sky to pervert some ideologies that by themselves would never have been so bad and whose victims were we all .Emanation of dictators are our fault and be distributed more widely than we believe. We suits us to operate with a single way that absolve us from any sin and everything is projected on dictators. “

Please see a short video with the party organised in the honor of the movie.

Waiting to see the movie,



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