Posted by: mbconsulting | May 22, 2010

Vite -Réponse donnée par M.Dominique Strauss- Kahn Alert- Response

Dear Mr. Dominique Strauss-Kahn,

During an interview posted by France2 – “A vous de juger” you mention two issues about Romania:

1. IMF did not impose any measures only asked for reducing the deficit – and I consider a fair statement;

2. IMF did not support the reduction of the public servants with 25% and instead IMF proposed an increased level of taxation applied to big salaries/ incomes – and I consider unfair statementt because:

– collecting the taxes and fees from Romanians is always difficult and here is a recent example: when the Romanian government announced that the salaries from public servants will be reduced with 25%, part of them, especially the part from the local administrations, increased their salaries, so the reduction will be ZERO!!! There will be no result because, some people who may be considered “smart guys” annulled the next measures that were announced. Did you follow me Mr. Dominique???

Another argument: Romanians are so creative creatures, that in the moment the state would like to increase the taxation for that part of employees with big salaries/incomes that said NO to the reduction of their salaries (just for your memories I would like to say that last summer when the government announced the reduction of salaries in justice system, all of them made an unofficial strike and blocked the system) , the same part will benevolent decreased their salaries, as their expression of their willingness, so there will be no more big salaries/ incomes. So again Mr. Dominique, your proposal is not working.

– More than this, the Mission Chief for Romania, Mr. Jeffrey Franks said that application of a differential taxation would be difficult to estimate and to control, and I totally agree with this point of view.So, to whom I have to believe: The Director or the Mission Chief for Romania??? This is a big mistake that you did Mr. Dominique, because you created a confusion and discredited the work performed by your subordinate: Mr.Jeffrey Franks.

– the Minister of Finance from Romania, Mr. Vladescu announced that IMF requested to combine the increasing the level of VAT with the increased level of taxation on salaries and the Romanian government, with support of National Bank of Romania, said NO. Do you interfere with the wishes expressed by Romanian authorities, Mr. Dominique? This is not acceptable in any international organisation to have a contrary opinion publicly expressed against a state or an authorized institution from any country and may be classified as a major mistake done by a superior employee in an international organisation!

– The discussions between IMF and a country, in our case Romania, are confidential and only the results are announced by professionals. There are no more detailed comments about the way the negotiations were,or what were your recommendations during negotiation, because finally is a decision that belongs to the country and because there are diplomatic and professional behaviors. You missed again, Mr. Dominique. Mr. Jeffrey Franks did not make your mistake. Your behavior was similar, when that you criticized Mr. Berlusconi in your interview. Again another major mistake that you did, not a professional behavior.

– your opinion reflects a left site opinion, and the Romanian government is a right-wing. This is my last argument and not the strongest one, because I am interested to have a working economy and people satisfied by their works and salaries. I mentioned it because your comment may be taking into consideration as a political support for PSD Party, that is in opposition with PDL that is leading now the Romanian government. Again, Mr. Dominique, you did a mistake because your comment was aligned to a political site and supported it, that is in contradiction with the best practices in IMF.

I hope that is enough regarding your unfair statement. My opinion is publicly expressed because for a certain period of time I collaborated with international organisations similar with IMF. This is why I comment on what I said that is “an unfair statement”.

I also did in my past mistakes, but I recognized them and hope that in the next future to be able to avoid them. I learnt a lot from my previous boss, and still remembered how she was humiliated by representatives of Romanian government, but never ever expressed in public a word against them. It was an example for me how to have a professional behavior in spite of the difficulties that may rise in front of you.



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