Posted by: mbconsulting | May 24, 2010

Last minute: Economic and Social Council already sent the letter

Florin Costache – President of the Economic and Social Council announced that the letter for approval of the Addendum to Memorandum of Understanding between Romania and IMF is not on the agenda for the next meeting and it was already sent to Government of Romania during the last week.

This announcement was done shortly after the leaders of the two biggest association of employers: UGIR-1903 and CONPIROM changed their opinions and claimed that they will abstain instead of supporting the measures assumed by the government in the letter addressed to IMF.

At the last meeting, the Economic and Social Council could not come upon an agreement because the different opinions : the representatives of government approved, the representatives of employers approved with comments, and trade unions vetoed.

Under these circumstances the document was submitted to the Romanian government with different opinions, that means that was not approved, nor rejected.

The Economic and Social Council gives advisory opinions regarding the new issued legislation.

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