Posted by: mbconsulting | May 24, 2010

Mona Musca – Was She Guilty?

Motto: Si dixerimus quoniam peccatum non habemus, nosmetipsos seducimus, et veritas in nobis non est (I Ioan 1, 8)

Mona Musca was a charismatic leader, remarkable member of political party PDL, and a terrible advocate for fighting against domestic violence in Romania.

After a hard work sustained for more than 3 years, after a lot of discussions with civil society, representatives of Government, Ministry of Justice, a law that protect victims against domestic violence was issued in Romania.

She started to be one of the strongest voice of Romanian leaders, member in Parliament and for a short period of time, member in Tariceanu’s Government.

But in 2007, she was sent under investigations because the special commission (CNSAS) announced that Mona Musca collaborated with political police during Ceausescu’s period.

Mona Musca denied, but after a short period of time, she mentioned about signing a contract with political police when she was teacher and learnt foreign students in Timisoara, ROMANIA. During that period of time, she said that this procedure was considered normal, but did not send any information, except ones addressed to the Dean of the University where she was working.

She mentioned that as a result of her verbal information passed to the Dean some conflicts between Iranian and Irakian students, Greek and Cypriots students were prevented and another foreign student with physical problems was supported.

The investigation commission presented a file with written documents attributed to her, but Mona Musca refused to recognize them. Mona Musca started a trial, but the Court refused to accept that there were no proves regarding collaboration.

In spite of all, Mona Musca was also under penal investigation accused that she submitted a false statement, as lawmaker, in which she declared that she did not collaborate with political police.

Today Mona Musca is out of any investigation because all the accusations could not be proved.

The accusations were issued two years ago and blocked the political career of one of the most charismatic leader in Romania in Romanian Parliament.

Please send your comments regarding Mona Musca.

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