Posted by: mbconsulting | June 3, 2010

RomaniaPension Fund Law

I took a short look on the Pension Fund Law – Draft – and on the European Unions statistics. There is only a few chances for somebody from Romania to receive a pension as the law for pensions stipulated: after 65 y.o. The European statistics presents that almost all the countries, except a few, a persons, on average, does not have a full working capacity from less than 60 y.o. And then, why to have a stupid law that stipulates 65 y.o. for retiring???

More than this, in Romania, if you are older than 45 y.o. no chance to find a reasonable job, you are treated as an impostor, or like a beggar, not like a person that is looking for a decent job. And then, again, why there is a stupid proposal?

I understand that a deep analyse of the implications on the pensions funds in Europe will be performed in a few months and there is a ray of light that Romanians may find some solutions based on European recommendations. But again, why a stupid law? We do not use our heads to understand a real and simply situation? It is better to lie, instead of thinking and trying to find solutions?

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