Posted by: mbconsulting | June 3, 2010

Romania – Strikes, and so what ?!?!?!

I would like to make some comments regarding the last and the next announced strikes as a result of the reduction with 25% of the salaries of employees in the public sector and with 15% of pensions.

Regarding the retirees and how they manifested their unsatisfaction were already commented here and here. I do not believe that they would change the course in Romania… It is sad, but true.

Therefore I would concentrate only upon employees from education and medical systems, Bucharest public transportation and representatives of local administrations.

Generally, first of all, I would like to mention that I am not a supporter of the trade unions, because they did not solve employees’ problems with one exception; strike at Dacia manufacture where in 2008 the trade union obtained a salary increasing, demanded from a long time ago.

Education system.
The strike in education system collapsed from the beginning. It is now time for graduation and to close the school year.

You may consider that it is the best opportunity to put under pressure the government, but please follow me in my arguments and discover why is useless the strike:

– There are not enough teachers in rural area, and there are a lot of inadequate persons that held lessons, some of them without proper skills and some of them in from of less than 10 students per school. Then, why can you compress the schools, reduce the number of teachers, reduced the administration costs??? Reducing the cost may facilitate a normal payment for the rest of the remained teachers.

– Why we do not use distance learning systems, even for the kids??? Believe me the students will enjoy the new system and would come with pleasure to attend the new type of lessons. The cost with a new system is covered by the reduced costs with less teachers and less administration costs.

– May be closed the school year and the graduation exams organised properly? Yes, because there are enough marks for closing the school year and Yes, because there are enough financial and human resources for supporting the graduation exam.

In conclusion, the members from education system may stay in strike as long as they wish without any impediment or pressure for education system. This is the true, only if the ministry is properly controlling the end of the school year and the last graduation exams and also focusing for the next three months in reorganizing.

Medical systems.
The doctors had problems with medicines in hospitals , and other materials required by the a proper medical care treatment in hospitals and clinics. How can they do a proper job now? It is not possible! they invent solutions, sometimes putting in difficulties the patients such as asking them to buy their own medicines and other medical materials necessary for treatment.

This is not a reality from the recent period, it is coming from a long time ago, and seems that responsible persons did not care about and did not take concrete coherent actions for improving the system.

The doctors that worked in public system are day by day humiliated by their working conditions. I would like to say that some of them accepted all these with resignation, without any fight with system. I am sure that if the trade union would had been acting more efficient, a few steps for improving the public medical system could be taken until now. Lack of confidence coming from their trade unions and from the doctors! So sad, because they have to save us when we are ill and in majority they are not able. More or less, these doctors may be considered as resigned from their job.

It is fair? No!!!
Are alternatives: Yes!!!

There are private medical care systems that are better service providers. Then, the public medical care system may be reorganized by reducing the auxiliary staff, by externalising, at the lower costs, the activities, and by reducing the number of public hospitals and finally transfer them to private system or closed.

Keep a minimal public system only for poor people, in deep need, let the others to pay for a proper medical care.It is a difficult decision to reduce the public medical care system, but if you compensate with a better private system in development therefore the population would not feel a strong impact and also the doctors and auxiliary staff may find jobs in private system.

So, I do not understand why the staff from this sector is in strike, I think that the patients/ ill persons must be on strike!

Again, a minister may handle these issues and planning activities may consistently improve. No more worries about the strike.

Public Transportation System from Bucharest.
There is not a logic explanation except that the trade union wants people in the street. The employees worked in modern conditions, have good salaries: a driver has a better salary than a doctor, with less education… This is a paradox, that I called the black power of trade union leader.

I consider this an unfair pressure put on the citizens from Bucharest by the public transportation system.

Representatives from Local Administrations.
Sincerely: too many, too big salaries, less efficacy, too many arrogant people. I would like to apply NOW the reduction with 25% of the number of employees. There are legal previsions that would allowed according with needs and performances to reduce the staff. No regrets, no tires from them! Strike, a good joke!

All the persons that interact with public administrations, even if they are Romanians or foreigners, all said that there is a lot space for improvements. So , please go ahead!

In conclusion, are there strikes in Romania ??? So what, please let the play to go on!

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