Posted by: mbconsulting | June 4, 2010

Romania – AC/DC and tips


After the spectacular concert held in front of Romanian Parliament, here is the momentum when AC/DC band arrived on the borders, and the Romanian duty custom asked: “AiCi e spaga De Concert???” (is a joke that used the name of band and may be translated: “Here are tips for the concert???”)

Going out from Romania, in their way to Italy, the members of AC/DC faced a dilemma near by the border between Romania and Hungary, at NadlacRomania: “How could you pass Romania without a full payment for road taxes?” – asked the duty customs. It wasn’t their job, but you know: economic crisis and poor families in Romania…The guys, as they travel all over the world, rapidly understood that it is necessary to pay a tip… Everything was calculated to be around 2,500 USD, but obviously without receipts. They thought that was OK, but after while an official complain was sent to Romanians authorities. Now, Romanians authorities could not yet find the cashiers…

Please let us know if you pass similar life experiences, in Romania or anywhere else in the world.
Don’t worry, be happy and keep walking with a smile on your face,

The unrested smiling walker,

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