Posted by: mbconsulting | June 4, 2010

Strike Debate – Yes or No?

I support the idea that strikes are pointless because I believe that strikes do not follow their purpose:

1. the social status of teachers or doctors is firmly recognized apart from salary, upon their work. Often we stopped from our path and welcomed a former teacher or a doctor who helped us to overcome a disease. So doctors and teachers and their social status is recognized without the need for strikes.

2. teachers and doctors are captives of their own state system. They are in this situation and the solutions and the power had to be found in private system, performing the same job or moving to another job which give them a higher salary and / or more flexibility. Of course some people might need financial aid issued by the state in this retraining, if they desire it. But the strikes do not have among their claims similar or these issues, so I consider that strike is unnecessary in this regard.

3. there are the options of carrying on their professional career, in the same activities, but in the private sector in much are better wage conditions. Only a private system lead to more efforts, but more efficient and customer oriented, therefore is the advantage of the beneficiaries to have better services. Of course, keep a small part as a state-owned system , for people who need financial assistance. But the state still seems undecided in this direction and trade union did not require a competitive private system that would be linked and supporting the state. So, again, strike does not matter.

4. The worst thing is that the state system of education or health has led to non-professional behavior for most of them and some practical activities that are no longer provided under the required standards. Often I hear of cases of patients which illnesses or treatments were inadequate following material weaknesses in clinics and hospitals and, sometimes, as a result of professional incompetence of medical personnel. There are no isolated cases and are serious. Often we just meet young people who do not know properly how to speak or they write with numerous grammatical mistakes, or get to finish a college/university, but they did get ready to meet the job for which they received their diplomas. These are, unfortunately, not isolated cases and, in majority, the student competence evidenced is decreasing, and in the same time also is lowering the rating of schools / universities at the level of Europe and/or worldwide. So, following the same approach, the two systems are not any more desirable as a result of the increasingly unfavorable results obtained under the current system and it must be reformed. The strike did not ask for a restructuring of the system, in fact is only in favor of maintaining the actual one, and that it not is possible anymore.

5. Strike requires maintaining a system inefficient and inconclusive and opposes to its reformation, which basically means that strike opposes to the progress and to the natural evolution.

6. The strike has characteristics of a movement that wants to preserve, by all means, on a short terms, the system and because it is badly ill and I was expected to fight for improvement and bringing and supporting professional approaches, on medium-long term measures. The strike protects the small and immediate interests, instead of looking for a vision and on major medium-term measures. Trade unions leaders are not ready for this approach and therefore I do not support a strike and consider it purposeless.

Therefore I believe that the strikes are pointless.

How do you consider the strikes?
Waiting for your comments,

Best regards,

The measures for restructuring the expenditures, the cause of the strikes, were agreed upon memorandum of understanding between Romania and IMF, in order to reduce and control of the budget deficit. The trade unions were invited to attend official meetings with IMF representatives, and had the opportunity to present their approaches. In late 2010 June, the measures must be enforced by the government. IMF is waiting to see the first results of implemented measures.

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