Posted by: mbconsulting | June 6, 2010

PNL against PDL – The Policy of Hate

During these days, Mr. Crin Antonescu, the president of PNL party, had a statement that annoyed me. He declared that PNL will fight against PDL, another right-wing party, until this last mentioned party will be no more in politics in Romania.

    First of all, the declaration shocked me because during difficult times, as are now, marked by a deep crisis, if you want to split the forces you may gain nothing.Therefore, Crin Antonescu chooses the worst moment for it.

    Secondly, PNL, after 20 years spent in the new democracy, could never conduct by itself because always, fair or unfair, it was supported by another party or parties, such as:

  1. during 1996-2000 PNL was included in a governmental coalition aggregated by PNTCD, PNL, PD, UDMR. It was a weak coalition, confronted with dramatic economic restructurings,but unfinished until our days, as a result of the weak political power. PNL was represented in the government by Mr. Crin Antonescu – as minister of youth and sports;
  2. during 2004-2006 PNL was member in the election winning alliance D.A. – “Dreptate si Adevar” (Justice and Truth) in each it was supposed to cooperate with PD (former PDL). At the end of this cooperation, PD took a portion from PNL members and formed PLD, and then together with PD established PDL;
  3. from 2007-2009 the PNL government was unofficial supported in Parliament by PSD, a left-wing party, therefore they implemented, more or less, the left-wing policy of PSD. When were decisions approved by people, PSD took merit from this cooperation, when were unpleasant situations, PSD blamed without hesitation PNL.
  4. Such a chaotic party strategy demonstrate that PNL is not coherent, consistent and is lack of vision, therefore, this party, and not PDL, would have more chances to be rejected.

    The last point that I would like to underline is that concentrating against and been obsessed by another person/ party is a way to waist your energy, and this is dangerous when you not have even enough capacity for positive actions, nor helping in defining a clear and wise position as a party in opposition.

    • Why Mr. Antonescu do not concentrate on positive actions, such as alternative measures for combating the economic crisis???
    • Why do not focus on your party, making it stronger, with more members, with a larger support???
    • Why Mr. Antonescu do not concentrate in eliminating the deficit from your party’s budget, or in rethinking the HR policies inside your party avoiding to give new tasks to non-performing former finance minister that simply forgot a budgetary line????

    All these actions are under your control.

    • What stopped you to take measures and improve the situation in your party?The Policy of Hate?!?!?! See what I mean?
    • You know what, this remember me about a Romanian folk proverb: “The fool is obsessed by someone else taking care!”

      In conclusion, “Let it be!”, as you wish Mr. Antonescu, because not too many persons really care about this stupid political fight!

      Let it be! and time will decide.

      Based on our behavior, Mr. Antonescu, you demonstrate me now that I objectively evaluated your capacities,


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