Posted by: mbconsulting | June 9, 2010

Theater Mask – Director: Mihai Malaimare

Francis Coppola and Mihai Malaimare

Francis Coppola and Mihai Malaimare

Today, one news was brought into my attention regarding the first private theater. One of the well known Romanian actor and director, Mihai Malaimare, was transformed, by necessity into a manager.

On 1990, he formed the first private theater for pantomime, called “Mask Theatre”. At the beginning, Mask Theater did not have anything, even not a fixed location. The shows were directly distributed in the street in a direct contact with the people. After a while a headquarter was distributed by Mayor, but not for a long time, because that building was retroceded, and then a new odyssey, and finally a new location was built.

During these difficult periods, the players were encouraged by private persons, some of them rich people, others poor,and day by day the players “ate the passion of the shows” for their spectators.

Today, after 20 years, Mask Theatre has been awarded by Romanian President, Mr.Basescu, with the Order of Cultural Merit in the rank of Knight in the “D’Performing Arts”.

  • “Mask” Theatre was awarded by Romanian President Traian Basescu and that it confirms the value of our band, the kind of theatrical speech that we propose, the Romanian theater ultimately mask the area where he has a well defined and certainly Romanian public value their love and defend their theater as a natural sign of pride.
  • As a theater allow me a moment’s lack of modesty in which they are happy, and as a former politician, hope, albeit still quite shaky, that if a theater whose signature stands decree establishing Petre Roman, is today Basescu decorated, something resembling normalcy will be strained and our society.
  • Reverence for all those who have decided to grant this Order and those who have toiled day to be worth it! ” declared today Mr. Mihai Malaimare, the director of theatre Mask.
  • Happy New Years and hope to see you again and again on stage,

    Have a nice evening,


    P.S. I would like to encourage to visit Mr. Malaimare’s blog and Mask Theater.

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