Posted by: mbconsulting | June 10, 2010

2010 Street Delivery Bucharest – This weekend

Street Delivery – Architecture and urban arts festival

On a downtown street in Bucharest is experiencing a period of three days per year an innovative way to reclaim public space through a conscious approach in terms of urban, architectural, civic and artistic. Between 11 and 13 June 2010 takes place fifth edition of urban architecture and arts – Street Delivery.

Organized and financed largely by Carturesti Foundation and the Order of Architects of Romania, Street Delivery aims to transform Arthur Verona street into a pedestrian route that will link cultural icons and Garden Garden Cismigiu a promenade of 12 minutes.

The project, unique in recent history of the city, is provided in the Urban Area “Cultural Trail Verona Street Painter – Str. Icoanei” has been validated based on current needs of public space in major cities across Romania. Plan calls for widening sidewalks pedestrians normally (not as a makeshift parking lot for cars) and creating a green promenades, tree planting and paving the dirt portion of street car traffic in the street facilitation Jean L. Calderon for public monuments, underground parking and a pedestrian, we are building in the Icon Garden, park Filipescu, historic restoration and Garden Icon.

Workshops and cultural projects that take place on the street. Street Delivery is both a right step to regaining the promenade and the city in which to breathe. To this end, urge the authorities to preserve and revitalize historic 25 walk alleys along the pedestrian path (of which only 12 are still listed) such as Central School, ARO Building, Church of England, University House, House Dimitri Sturdza House Ion Mincu Ambassador Hotel are among the best known.

In the last five years, Street Delivery significantly increased, leaving the monuments and street improvements visible to regain public space gradually. Beyond this, the event was an important factor of community cohesion Arthur Verona Street.

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