Posted by: mbconsulting | June 11, 2010

Flash: Romanians – Why Are We Here?

Today, as almost all the European countries, Romania is facing a severe crisis.

Part of it is the result of external factors that affected an economy that was rapidly developed mainly with external resources, and was fragile and not yet sustainable. Even if external circumstances are not favorable us, in a country with a stable and sustained economy, the turbulence would be easily controlled. This is not happened in Romania and I consider that the main cause – the evil – is comes from internal causes.

The evil is represented by CORRUPTION and NON-RESPONSIBILITY located mainly inside the micro-economics.

    The Romanian economy is not a market economy, and therefore almost all businesses are related with state activities and this model is encouraging the corruption. Why is not a market economy? Because the leaders, mainly politicians, liked and like, loved and love the power, the control and were taking advantages from the weak economy, from mixing politics with economy, just to gain the best profits from them. Is this something new? No. Is happened only in Romania? No, again, but see the scale of corruption and you may understand the evil.

    But today, a new way/ deal/ revolution (whatever you want to call it) is started, facilitated by DEMOCRACY and supported by modern technology: civil society, citizens are loudly demanding and pushing the ruling classes to assure TRANSPARENCY in their leading process. Important element: this crisis brings almost all the voices under the same umbrella, in a real SOLIDARITY so more citizens are acting now, with good faith. But with some flowers, spring is not coming quickly as I would like…

    Anyhow there are good signs: democracy, transparency and solidarity of citizens could win the battle with corruption, on a long term.

    Now, let’s go to the other part of the evil: NON RESPONSIBILITY, blaming the undetermined person: state.

    The entrepreneurs are struggle to fight in a non competitive environment and again corrupted persons with the lack of responsibility are blocking, destroying and disarming the bunch of people who intended to start and to develop their businesses. Somebody cares about them? No way, let them die…

    Day by day, fewer and fewer, weaker and weaker, the private companies were dramatically contracting and suddenly the ruling class realized that Romanians are going to die…Who will pay the taxes, the bills for utilities, the food and who will occupy the recently build apartments? How to pay the pensions?

What can be done? Who is responsible for? Leaders look disparate, lost their heads…

    IMF realized that the situation is out of control and firmly demanded a law for fiscal reform introducing the fiscal responsibility, applicable from bottom to top, to the whole ruling class, irrespective if it is at local, county and national level. The political leaders sooner or later will be brought under flashes, and will respond for their actions.

    But, here is the most important element: will OUR JURIDICAL SYSTEM be ready to fairly judge and condemn, whether that person is affiliated to PSD, PNL, PDL, UDMR or is independent?

      I’m afraid that is the biggest problem: to ensure that juridical system is without any political influences, competent, responsible and fair, ready to judge the most complicated trials under pressure.

      The magistrates do not have any excuses, because Romanian state created for them the best conditions, but their response is unbelievable: they are continuously irresponsibility asking for more, even if their decisions are condemned at the European Court for Human Rights and no magistrate paid until now one RON for their mistakes.

    How could be stopped the irresponsibility in juridical system??? Can this system auto-regulate on itself? No, I saw young lawyers acting unfair and accepting the system as it is, without any opposition…The fewer that asked for a competitive and fair promotion in juridical system were ignored by the top-level magistrates.

    Just look on country statistics at European Court for Human Rights and you easily may give a mark to each country economy, without knowing too much about them, only looking at the number of abuses in justice.

    More abuses always come from countries with weak magistrates, with a non competitive economic system, corrupted and irresponsible political leaders.

The unfair power of magistrate is bigger and bigger and is encouraging the corruption in the rest of the system like a cancer that is devastating the body…

    Here are two scheme in different simulations for propagandist the power inside the system:

  • Simulation A:

    Politician —> Corruption —> Irresponsible Person —> Unfair Trial ===> Irresponsible Person ===> Corruption ===> Stronger Corrupted Politician

  • Simulation B:

    Politician —> Corruption —> Irresponsible Person —> Fair Trial ===> Responsible Person ===> Corruption stopped ===> Stronger Fair Politician

  • The simulations took into consideration the democratic system in which the civil society may intervene to reduce the corruption, to block the irresponsible actions, but could not stop the abuses of legislation because law is the driving force in a democratic system, even if it is used in an unappropriated mode.

In exception conditions, I consider that may be justified exceptional procedures, but only for a limited period of time and upon fair explanations.

In conclusion, I consider that we are in the middle of a dramatic crisis because the evil (corruption and irresponsibility) was only in a few cases punished by juridical system, for a limit period of time (less than 6 months, from December 2009). Unfair use of juridical system transformed day by day our leaders in stronger corrupted irresponsible persons.

What can be done is order to move us, Romanians, on a better route?

  • better fair, unpolitical, independent and competent juridical system
  • Which will be the normal/ exceptional procedure to apply fair judgments inside the juridical system?

    Feel free to send your comments,



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