Posted by: mbconsulting | June 14, 2010

Celebration – Eminescu 

Eminescu is the author of the poem “To the star”, translated by Andrei Bantas and recitatived by Ion Caramitru. – All these persons have articulated a remarkable piece of art.

  • Who was Mihai Eminescu?
  • Mihai Eminescu (born Mihai Eminovici) (b. 15 January 1850, Botosani d. – June 15, 1889) was a Romanian poet, novelist and journalist, considered by readers and literary critics as the most important posthumous poetic voice of Romanian literature. Large receptive to European Romanticism of the eighteenth and nineteenth century the poet has assimilated Western poetic visions, his work belongs to a later romance.

    Eminescu was active in Junimea literary society, and worked as an editor at Time, the official newspaper of the Conservative Party. He published his first poem at age 16 and at 19 years left to study in Vienna.

    The poet Mihai Eminescu wrote manuscripts, 46 volumes, approximately 14,000 pages, all were given the Romanian Academy, during the meeting of January 25, 1902 by Titus Maiorescu.

    On June 15, 1889, at about 4 am, the poet died in the sanatorium of Dr. Şuţu. June 17, Eminescu was buried in the shade of a linden Belu cemetery in Bucharest. He was elected posthumously (October 28, 1948) member of the Romanian Academy.

    There are many versions regarding the death of Mihai Eminescu, the illness and the cause of the death. One year ago Roncea wrote in the followings:

    “2009 is the year of awakening, one year under the sign of Eminescu. Passed one hundred and twenty years after his death. But first, the actual circumstances of his death are brought into public discussion and outline his political and journalistic activity is considered to discern abrupt disappearance. Few people know how he died Eminescu: hit in the head while singing “Wake up, Romanian!”

    In spite of all these,tomorrow we will celebrate Mihai Eminescu – the famous Romanian poet and, I may add, an activist from those years.

  • Why we celebrate Eminescu?

    We celebrate Eminescu for his genius, for his art and for his visions and his. power to reveal a world much more before his time. The was a rebel, a non-conformist, devoted to the art.

    Today, if Eminescu would be alive, he would have a blog and people may read or not his poems, but sure his genius could reach far more easier to our heart.

    Therefore, let’s celebrate together Eminescu!

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