Posted by: mbconsulting | June 14, 2010

Iliescu, Miners, and Freedom – 20 Years Ago in Romania

20 years ago, June 13, 1990, Mr. Iliescu afraid that the meeting for democracy from University Place would be a never-ending story, decided to act.

  • How did Mr. Iliescu, the first democratic elected President after communist era, act?
  • Mr. Iliescu asked public the miners to come to Bucharest and to “clean” University Plaza by all the people who were still manifesting in University Plaza.

    You may say it is not true, but there is video recording demonstrating all. He was fully supported by the miners and by the state institutions, that protected and guided the miners and sometimes the security forces, dressed like miners, acted on behalf of miners with violence. Iliescu was afraid to use military force because of memories coming from Tiananmen Square.

  • How were implemented the measures asked by Mr. Iliescu? With violence and the instruments were miners and the state institutions!
  • There were many victims. The exact number of victims is not yet established.There were people hit, one of them made a public declaration, please read here. Others decided to leave the country and I know a family that, after attending the University meetings, decided to leave the country, in secret. They went in holiday and never come back. I heart they were established in Italy.

    The value of damages produced by miners and the others it is not clearly established and public recorded.

    Mr. Constatinescu, at that time, was rector at University, and was speeching day by day with the protesters during their campaign, therefore the miners went into force inside the University and destroyed the collection of minerals deposited at University by Mr. Constantinescu. The damage was never recovered as Mr. Constantinescu, the future President of Romania, declared. An investigation was started by PM Petre Roman, but I did not hear to concluded: who destroyed, who lead the destroyers, why they act like this, how much is the prejudice, who paid for this and how much…

    On June 13, 1990 I was going to my office and I could not pass to Piata Romana underground because there were miners that block the street. The windows from the stores were broken, as were destroyed the windows in 1989 in Timisoara (I watched carefully the trial from Timisoara regarding Revolution and remembered small details like the one mentioned before). Behind the miners were gas and they were forced to go to Piata Universitatii. It was impossible to breathe. After 30 minutes, the miners left the area and coud went to underground. In the same day, coming back, on the same route, the staff from the stores, that now were without windows said that had terrible head aches, it was the result of the gas used in the morning…

    The General Director from Dacia, Mr. Stroie, declared that in June 1990, he started discussion for a possible collaboration with French delegation from Renault, in Bucharest, at Continental Hotel. When the French delegation saw the miners, they suddenly interrupted the discussion and left the hotel without any notice. Mr. Stroie declared that he needed many years to relaunch the discussions and bring back a French delegation in Bucharest. He succeeded finally , Renault invested in Romania.

  • On June 14, 1990, no newspapers was published, except a brand new one: Romania Mare, with editor Vadim Tudor, a newspaper using terrible violent language even during our days.
  • This was the freedom with Mr.Iliescu,miners and state institutions on 13-15 June, 1990, under the signature of the first democratic elected President after the communist era.

    The democracy is building very slow and a democratic process of election does not guarantee that freedom will be preserved between two elections. Much more important are the leaders with their behavior, the state institutions and if these institutions act on a coherent democratic and legislative system.

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