Posted by: mbconsulting | June 14, 2010

The Fall of the Lady (via Partlycloudyjuly’s Blog)

Yes, put some clothes on Gaga!

Yes nudity is selling, it is a choice to accept or not. If you want to accelerate your sales in spite of other remarkable elements: voice, song, composition then do it…

The Fall of the Lady I suppose I had the stereotypical American childhood, whatever the hell that means. I had a loving family, I played in the dirt, my favorite game was tag and my cousin and I were super close spending as much time together as possible after school, typically consisting of creating new messes in the kitchen or playing with our Barbie dolls. The one thing I loved the most though was watching movies with my Grandparents. When I was little, almost eve … Read More

via Partlycloudyjuly's Blog

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