Posted by: mbconsulting | June 15, 2010

Opinion – The Responsibility in Parliament

The theory learn us that one member of the Parliament from Romania represent one Party and the members of the community, but also this lawmaker is also representing him/herself with his/her ideas with his/her personality, with his/her intelligence and charisma.

So this is the case of the person appointed in Parliament to represent the interests of citizens under a political program approved by that party.

If the lawmaker has different views from those of the majority that represent the party, then he/she has to have come to explain the particular position, to argue, to propose new solutions, to fight and eventually to win in these debates.This means that the community has chosen a capable person represent in Parliament.

Or, the party proposed solutions that are better than the ones issued by the lawmaker and it is his/her obligation to return to the community and to explain to people, discuss with them, to accept or to deny the arguments provided, to clarify the situation and finally cuts in favor of the taken viewpoint. Again, one can say that this lawmaker, who ever is this person, is doing his/her job fully responsible.

Or, the parliamentarian who does not have his/her own solutions to the problems under discussion, no arguments and no support for any pro or against arguments, and is not able to explain the attitude in Parliament nor in the community, is not able to chop any discussion in parliament and even in his/her district, such parliamentarian is called a person situated in a wrong position, in a wrong place for a given situation. Unfortunately most of our Romanian Parliamentarians are under this category.

This is where either party is kicking them out, or the community would no longer elect them, or he/she leaves alone because the personality does not fit to the situations and the job.

Three cases, three ways to handle a position in Parliament.

A lawmaker elected by the community and supported by a party must know how to balance community interests, the party’s interests and his personal agenda.

If he/she can not go under this pressure with responsibility, sooner or later the boat will refuse to take to the destination called Parliament.

No harm, no violence, only a realistic opinion.


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