Posted by: mbconsulting | June 15, 2010

Teo – The Lawmaker / Quick response

Dear Teo Trandafir,

Tomorrow you will quickly respond in front of us by voting, abstained or rejecting the censure of the government.

One month ago, you had the honor to take, for the first time in your life, your site in Parliament. At that time, you declared that you feel the responsibility and the pressure for the new position. Now it is time to demonstrate that you know how to handle your position.

Today you announced that you will vote against the recommendation of your party, against the government that more or less you should have to support as a member of the party that iis leading now.

I believe that PDL support you and not other political party, or I do not even image that you could win in a such short period of time a political competition without the support coming from a political party.

Of course, that separate opinions are appreciated, but only based on arguments, as we may be considered as rational persons.

Your argument is that you cann’t vote for the cutting of the pensions.

But now let me ask you frankly:

1. What about if from September – October 2010, there will not be money for pensions at all, because the reductions were not applied? How will you face the pensioners, at that time, with this problem: 0 (zero) RON for pensions from September or October 2010 until the end of the year?

2. What is your proposition in order to improve the current situation and not to be obliqued to cut the pensions? Was your opinion disscused and agreed inside your Parliamentary group? Of course, you are a new lawmaker, and without experience in lawmaking, therefore, even it is a rhetoric question, I still ask you, because I trust on you. I would be honored to receive your answer.

3. Do you trust on our colleagues from the same political party? If you do, I would suggest to ask for more information in your group, inside, from the other experienced members from your party. If you don’t, please skip to the end of this set of questions.

4. Why did you choose to become a lawmaker for PDL two months ago? Only because was trendy and you want to help children… Life is so complicated, and you may know better than me, as you met hundreds of people during your career in TV. You may notice that there are many unknown situations that force us to face them and we have to bear them as those appeared. Could you face the problem regarding the cutting of pensions as you may not have any personal answer for question 2, except the one provided by your Parliamentary group?.

If you do not trust on your colleague therefore LEAVE the party,PDL, and maybe try to find another party or another place, better for you.

But if you trust in your party and your colleagues, and you admit that this is a difficult issue, than learn, my darling, to bear with responsibilities, the responsibility of a party, of a group and of a decision as a lawmaker. Learn to have a politician stomach, it is like a manager’s stomach, because you decided to attend for that position in Romanian Parliament.

Any run from responsibility, now or later, even if this is related with your party, or with our your group or with your decision, will bring you in a difficult public position, and sooner or later it will reduce your reputation and you will face a short end in your political career.

Trust on me and have courageous, as you always had, in confronting in a ethical manner with your dilemma.

Hope to bring you pace and easiness in taking your decision, other than the one already announced,


One of your potential friend,


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