Posted by: mbconsulting | June 17, 2010

Update Romania – AC/DC and tips


Do you remember about AC/DC and their trip after the concert held in Bucharest? If no, please refresh your memories here.

Last up-date: Mr. Berceanu, the minister of transport declared that 4 persons involved in the incident with AC/DC band are under investigations and it is possible to be fired.

Their names are, as the minister verbally declared today during his visit in Arad:
– Adriana Bălan,
– Cazimir Haliţchi,
– Andreea Vlai and
– Elisabeta Miuţescu.

Because this is happened in Romania I am a skeptic. First of all, there is no official written communication. Secondly, it is possible that the decision to fire them be contested in court and then, the employees to win in trial (one of them is daughter in law of a former chief of prosecutor).

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