Posted by: mbconsulting | June 18, 2010

Music Movie Festival – Sir Georg Solti

Last evening I indeed had a great pleasure to see a music movie.It was about Sir George Solti, one of the most important conductor from the last century.

He started his career as a conductor in Budapest, before the second war, but nazism and war changed his destiny, and in 1949, full of courage he decided to conduct the orchestra from Munich. At Munich Opera there was nothing, but as the conductor recognised this was in his advantage: he built everything from scratches, including also his work. During the day he was working for opera and during the night he was preparing himself for scene performances. The had a great chance to met with Richard Strauss and organised for him the 85 anniversary, but also, in a short period of time, the funerals.

In 1960, Solti signed a three year contract with LA orchestra, but after a dispute in 1961, he resigned from that position and come back to Europe. His life is marked again by new starts, in 1961, at Covent Garden, which, in that period, had a modest place on music area and a poor orchestra. With enthusiasm and a lot of energy, Solti consolidated a first hand orchestra, met his second wife, Valerie Pitts, a British television presenter whom he met when she was sent to interview him. They had two daughters, Gabrielle and Claudia, and all the persons declared that Solti, having a new family, had completely changed as a person,but also as a conductor.

In 1972 he was naturalized as a British citizen. He had been awarded an honorary knighthood in the Order of the British Empire (KBE) in 1971, and was known as Sir Georg Solti after his naturalization.

From 1969 until 1992, Sir Georg Solti was music director at Chicago Symphony Orchestra and influenced the musical life in the city as even the phone book had the Solti’s photo’s on it. He persuaded and succeeded to demonstrate that an orchestra must travel outside its country to bring reputation and fame for Chicago and for U.S. In fact, before Solti. Chicago was famous with its gangsters, but then the city became week known by its Symphony Orchestra.

In 1997, still acting as a conductor, Solti dead by a heart attack and is buried in Hungary, near Bella Bartok, his mentor, as this was his last wish.

I discovered that after Solti’s death, his widow and daughters began the Solti Foundation to assist young musicians. A dramatic but beautiful destiny…

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