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Bucharest played with AEROSMITH

After decades of waiting, Aerosmith had an complex show, with well-known music, with guitar solos, drums and bass, with energetic Steven Tyler and with his famous for music. The five musicians have shown how a band that writes rock history for decades exceed all expectations.

Show attended by 30,000 fans, started with a piece of Bob Dylan, who heard from the speakers – “Everybody Must Get Stoned.” How long was the scene was displayed a huge banner with the name of the band, black background with red and white writing.

The song that started the show was “Love In An Elevator “, launched in 1989 and included the successful album” Pump”. Besides a good introduction to the spirit of Aerosmith, and a good time as famous guitarists Joe Perry and Brad Whitford presented a solo guitar.

With hits like “Crazy” “Cryin ‘”, “Jaded,” “Falling in Love (is hard on the knees)”, “Pink”, “Living on the Edge”, “I Do not Want To Miss a Thing “Sweet Emotion” and “Baby, Please Do not Go”, Aerosmith members were able to impress the public in Bucharest – heterogeneous and very involved in the show, unlike many of the shows big capital – making I sing and dance with them. Obviously, energy Steven Tyler on stage, who managed to tranteasca “of all the walls” microphone, has become contagious to all those present, who applauded almost constantly.

The “now” band of instrumentalists, Joe Perry, has not denied any this time. Though a discrete report this Perry said that he knows best – playing guitar in all ways available. With bass and drum background and Steven Tyler lying on the scene, Perry has caused a burst of applause and cheers every solo, no matter how short it was. and were few. “We are for the first time in Bucharest and was very good!” Perry declared.

Aerosmith band’s past is marked by numerous scandals related to drugs, sex and bickering. Steven Tyler recently quarreled with his colleagues to band together to play for over 40 years. This dispute, caused in part by Steven Tyler plans to record a solo album, threatens to unravel one of the most successful rock bands of America. But recently a new statement, Tyler says he is ready to return with his former colleagues.

Aerosmith band had to cancel his summer tour in 2009, after Steven Tyler fell on stage in the middle of a piece, fracturandu his shoulder. Other performances were canceled several tour early because Steven Tyler are injured leg. Colleagues have shown no mercy, publicly attacking the conduct of the famous singer and accusing him began to take drugs again.

In 2008, Steven Tyler was hospitalized in a clinic to treat drug addiction, saying he needed “a safe environment” to overcome that “pain more severe than previously thought” that you feel after a series of leg .

So-called “bad boys from Boston” became famous in the early 70s with rock hits like “Dream On” and “Walk This Way.” But success was accompanied by drug and alcohol abuse, so that towards the end of the decade, album sales have dropped and the two guitarists left the band. The band enjoyed a comeback in the ’80s, but tensions have persisted.

Aerosmith rock band was founded in 1970, in New Hampshire. Band music includes elements of pop, heavy metal, glam, R & B and inspired many other rock artists. Aerosmith is the American hard rock band with the biggest vanzari.The band was rewarded with four Grammy Awards, ten MTV Video Music Awards and was included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001.

The band Aerosmith concert held in Bucharest is part of the tournament “Cocked, Locked, Ready to Rock” which debuted in May, Venezuela.


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  3. I love this website, the information is great and I have bookmarked it in my favorites. This is a well organized and informative website. Great Job!

    • Thank you for your comments. Have a nice musical summer.

  4. I love this website, the information is great and I have bookmarked it in my favorites. This is a well organized and informative website. Great Job!

    • Thank you for your comment. Have a nice summer with a lot of events.

  5. Aerosmith, believe us!
    We always like you,
    Whether watch your concerts,
    Or only a video.
    Your music is so intense!
    Wish to see you,
    In any concert that take place,
    Our love is that of Romeo.
    However how pricy are tickets!
    We got’ em in

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